Hot Chocolate 10k – January 24, 2015 – Asheville NC

Hot Chocolate 10k January 24, 2015

Hot Chocolate 10k January 24, 2015

Registration is now open with a discounted rate of $32.50 through September 28. Register at Race Roster.


One of the most popular races in Western North Carolina, voted best foot race 10k and under in the Mountain Xpress Best of Competition, returns for its eighth consecutive running. I’ve only missed the race once and race its inaugural running in January of 2008 and look forward to it once again less than five months from now. Get on board and register early – you’ll save big – between now and September 28 registration for the 10k is just $32.50.


Welcome to the Asheville Hot Chocolate 10K, Kids Hill Climb and Marshmallow Dash, a race to benefit the non-profit Isaac Dickson Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Enjoy Asheville’s flattest 10K followed by a steaming cup (or two!) of hot cocoa for a tasty post-race treat. This event is chip timed by Right on Time Productions and long sleeve t-shirts are guaranteed to all 10K participants. The 1K Kids Hill Climb is limited to children 12 and under (although parents can run along side for free, of course!) And the Marshmallow Dash for our 8 and under crowd! A shorter and safer event for the little ones!


Hot Chocolate 10k Course Map (click for interactive version)

Hot Chocolate 10k Course Map (click for interactive version)

This year’s course will start and finish in front of the temporary Isaac Dickson School at 90 Montford Ave. Runners will stage in the bus lane which also ends up being an awesome finish line chute as well! The course is a USATF certified 10K (NC14116DF)!

The video below was filmed on a beautiful Christmas(2013) morning, after all the presents were opened. There isn’t a snowflake in sight (or Jus’ Running sponsored mile marker) but we hope to give you a taste of how AWESOME this course really is! So, please sit back, prop your feet up, pop open a frosty Gatorade (or toasty-warm hot chocolate!) and enjoy. ~ Tim and Leslie Grotenhuis, Race Directors.


Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Click here for sponsorship packages.


For online registration and more information, visit the integrated website and registration site at Race Roster. Early, discounted registration ends September 28! Stay in touch by liking the race Facebook Page.

Results of the Marine Run 10k – August 30, 2014 – Asheville NC

Marine Run

Marine Run

Congratulations to Jimmer Sullivan and Monica Curwen as winners of the male and female divisions respectively. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Jimmer SullivanWeaverville NcM5344:337:11
2Mia SnappAsheville NcF2846:377:31
3Monica CurwenF4048:157:46
4Chris HuffstutterSwannanoa NcM3450:028:04
5Justin WatsonAsheville NcM5750:308:08
6Lauren BrittonAsheville NcF3650:408:10
7Tara JordanMills River NcF3651:068:14
8Nicole CraneAsheville NcF4652:078:24
9Artiom FadinAtlanta GaM3452:568:32
10Clara ChayAsheville NcF4353:208:35
11Rhonda DevanSwannanoa NcF4453:458:39
12James KerzwickArden NcM4855:048:52
13Ryan FogartyHendersonville NcM3255:388:58
14Justin QualesAsheville NcM2455:388:58
15Kendra Cameron JarvisAsheville NcF3555:418:58
16Natalie HoffmannAsheville NcF3356:039:02
17Bill McclellanHerndon VaM5156:569:10
18Matthew BraswellCandler NcM5059:289:35
19Alfredo GarciaAsheville NcM371:04:0410:19
20Catherine MetzgerAsheville NcF491:04:3510:24
21Kathy StahlyAsheville NcF641:06:0710:39
22Leah ColeOld Fort NcF361:10:0011:16
23Joan HallCantonF411:10:2911:21
24Patrick BoyerAsheville NcM411:16:1712:17
25Ken HobbsAsheville NcM601:18:5812:43
26Dee Dee FradyFlat Rock NcF481:19:1312:45
27S KilbyHendersonville NcF361:19:1412:45
28Stephanie PaceMarion NcF391:19:3912:49

Results of the Marine Run 5k – August 30, 2014 – Asheville NC

Marine Run

Marine Run

Nice turnout for this inaugural event.


This was the first year for this race, which benefits a variety of worthy veteran related causes, including Fisher House and certain programs for patient amenities at the Charles George VAMC [disclosure: The latter is my employer]. While pre-race details were a bit scant, race day was very well organized. The weather was solid, if a bit humid: High 60s and sunny. The course was around the Crowne Plaza property and incorporated the golf course, a new venue to this junior correspondent. The 10k race was, essentially, two laps of the 5k course. It was rather notably hilly, and the course is, let’s say, not PR material. But, it was challenging, well monitored, and engaging. Spectator support was strong. Kudos to the organizers for a well done first year event. I will be back.

Congratulations to Logan Sullivan and Mollie Kane as winners of the male and female divisions respectively. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Logan SullivanWeaverville NcM2021:116:50
2Duane GentryAsheville NcM4825:078:05
3Anthony RendonAsheville NcM2725:128:07
4Victor DostrowAsheville NcM5525:348:14
5Karl HinterkopfM3826:128:26
6Michael LeeClyde NcM5826:308:32
7Mollie KaneF2526:428:36
8Emily PorterGreenville ScF1726:588:41
9Steven StacyApex NcM4227:428:55
10Mark RichardsonJohnson Cotu TnM5227:599:01
11Dan PerryCanton NcM6628:139:05
12Logan SinkAsheville NcM1129:019:21
13Lisa BuckiLeicester NcF4929:179:26
14Lars BalckM6929:289:29
15Brett KingAshevilleM9929:329:31
16Pia MaekieAsheville NcF1730:179:45
17Ken ShieldsWeaverville NcM4530:289:49
18Vanessa WiigForest City NcF3231:1710:04
19Bryant GrondahlCandler NcM2631:5710:17
20Mark WikeTuckasegee NcM4032:0910:21
21Dwayne BanksFletcher NcM3432:3310:29
22Angela BallAsheville NcF4133:1310:42
23James RarickM2733:3310:48
24Kyle ThomasM2233:3310:48
25Nicholas CookLeicester NcM3133:5510:55
26Melissa MccullochArden NcF6034:0710:59
27Sybil MccroreySwannanoa NcF2835:4311:30
28Cynthia HobbsF5536:1111:39
29David SaboFletcher NcM5536:4211:49
30Annette RacerFairview NcF5436:4711:51
31Allen BishopWeaverville NcM2637:0911:58
32Francisco GonzalezAsheville NcM4537:1411:59
33Rene BurchfieldWeaverville NcF5037:2712:04
34Justin YoungbloodFletcher NcM1037:2912:04
35Jason SinkAsheville NcM1237:4912:11
36Christy BanksFletcher NcF3337:5712:13
37Kevin YoungbloodFletcher NcM1038:0112:14
38Thomas CampbellLeicester NcM5638:0112:15
39Gerald AustinAsheville NcM4538:5112:31
40Haller PhoebeAsheville NcF1339:0612:35
41Billy MorrisseyAsheville NcM5239:0812:36
42Yolanda LeonAshevilleF3540:2513:01
43Deanna ConstanceLeicester NcF4941:0713:14
44Lauren PetersAsheville NcF2541:4513:27
45Nicholas GentryAsheville NcM1744:1014:13
46Cricket EvansFletcher NcF5647:4115:21
47Chloe GentryAsheville NcF1548:0115:28
48Kristin GentryAsheville NcF4748:0215:28
49Eliza PurnellF1248:1115:31
50Eliza PurnellF4548:1615:33
51Paula TreadwayCanton NcF4248:5215:44
52Teresa WheelerAsheville NcF4648:5215:44
53Sarah ShermanCanton NcF7249:2515:55
54Crystal HunterFletcher NcF2450:1616:11
55Heather WilkesSylva NcF2951:0116:25
56Julie MeaseCanton NcF4051:2516:33
57Danielle Bruckner-FlyArden NcF3451:2616:34
58Kathy DaleyCandler NcF5651:4916:41
59Scott JacksonCandler NcM4652:1016:48
60Bert KingAshevilleM9953:2017:10
61Debbie PorterGreenville ScF5053:3717:16
62Donna KaziaAshevilleF9954:3917:36
63Krista SinkAsheville NcF4755:3217:53
64Melanie KingAshevilleF9955:3317:53
65Gage BennettM859:0819:02
66Stacey SutlesM4659:0919:03
67Izeyeh McmahanM459:1019:03
68Ashton JonesM259:1019:03
69Wendy McmahanCanton NcF3859:1019:03
70Makallia SluderF161:00:0719:21
71Emanuel SluderM181:01:3519:50
72Wayne CochrenM471:01:3519:50
73Page PorterAsheville NcF441:02:0620:00
74Sutton WalkerAsheville NcF201:02:0720:00
75Chris PondAsheville NcM271:05:4821:11

Results of the Apple Fest 8k – August 30, 2014 – Hendersonville NC

Apple Festival 8k

Apple Festival 8k

Congratulations to Josey Weaver and Nicole Morgan as winners of the male and female divisions respectively. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Josey WeaverM2427:455:35
2Brandon PurdeuM2730:166:06
3David KnaufM5030:586:14
4Randall WilsonM5431:216:19
5Will LemieuxM2832:086:28
6Rick ClarkM4932:156:30
7Jason CarterM2732:556:38
8Duane WilliamsonM5032:596:39
9Robert YergerM3733:216:43
10Luke HollingsworthM1433:386:46
11Ray GillM3133:456:48
12Lincoln CrosseM5534:136:53
13Chad LedfordM3134:467:00
14Nicole MorganF2234:547:02
15Kenny StandleyM5334:597:03
16Blaine ChildersM2835:077:04
17Gordon MurrayM4835:137:05
18Blake JohnsonM3135:147:06
19Zachary StandleyM1935:257:08
20Kimzey EllisF2535:307:09
21Philip TaylorM3235:367:10
22Clint GeorgeM3735:367:10
23Austin ReedM1635:567:14
24Kevin ToddM3236:157:18
25Paul BrownM3836:157:18
26Dusty NewbyM3436:267:20
27Darrell NewbyM5936:487:25
28Jack CollinaM4637:077:28
29Doug DraperM4437:157:30
30Laura NorrisF4237:247:32
31Ryan CraftM3037:367:34
32James MadisonM4638:037:40
33Amber GlissonF2538:087:41
34Kevin ReedM5238:117:41
35Julia SmithF1438:217:43
36Frank SchreierM6038:337:46
37Heather SowryF3238:427:47
38John HarrisonM4538:487:49
39Amanda BowmanF2838:537:50
40John TreleavenM6238:567:50
41Ben HarrisonM4839:007:51
42Mcnair MetcalfeM1639:097:53
43Rodney RobinsonM5039:117:53
44Kendal MaybinM3639:157:54
45Anne HodgeF3439:337:58
46Marty LangeF2639:407:59
47Andrew JohnesM4039:417:59
48Lindsay MossF3639:438:00
49Jenny HollowayF3339:458:00
50Conner McabeeM1939:508:01
51Hayden McabeeM1939:508:01
52Haakon MathisenM1939:538:02
53Blake MesserF3640:008:03
54James RikerM3140:078:05
55Greg SteinmeyerM2740:108:05
56David EdwardsM3640:108:05
57Andres PadillaM3440:148:06
58Bill MckibbinM4840:148:06
59Ella WhiteF4240:168:07
60Jordan SchwarzM3140:198:07
61Elizabeth PatrickF3040:218:07
62Matt GillM4040:298:09
63Brian KowaldM5340:318:09
64Rachel DenningF2640:348:10
65Jimmie ThrashM5840:388:11
66Avery GohoF1940:478:13
67Chad NitcherM4240:548:14
68Wayne BoyntonM6940:598:15
69Anthony FreemanM4341:028:16
70Shelly SalesF4341:048:16
71Sebastian BereaM2241:118:18
72Lora GilreathM3741:168:18
73Jim OlsonM6441:318:21
74Shelly BurnsF3741:558:26
75Michelle ConnellF2941:578:27
76Janet BensleyF6141:598:27
77Michael ZorickM5542:018:27
78Brian CanningM4142:088:29
79Chrissy DerrerF4242:148:30
80Melissa BowenF4142:148:30
81Carrie WilseyF3642:188:31
82Steve SizemoreM4942:188:31
83Bryan AdamsM3542:218:32
84T Patrick PayneM5242:238:32
85John WattsM4942:248:32
86Emily SevierF3742:268:33
87Leah KaselakF3242:378:35
88Andy OsieckiM3942:388:35
89Tony EudyM4242:568:39
90Marc McquaryM6043:148:42
91Thomas RosfjordM6743:288:45
92Avia EaslerF1543:348:46
93Nelson PeelerM4843:358:46
94Malia EaslerF1543:398:47
95Tina RiceF3843:398:47
96Mike TompkinsonM6643:428:48
97James JusticeM3943:448:48
98Brody JordanM1143:458:48
99Bill KomaraM5843:578:51
100Leah BalsonF1444:108:53
101Bill TaylorM5644:218:56
102Patrick GreenM4244:509:02
103Becky CalvertF4444:519:02
104Wyatt SkidmoreM3044:549:02
105Sherry StonemanF3944:579:03
106Nicole MohrmannF3645:059:04
107Sherry RoaneF5545:199:07
108Robert KoneyM5745:259:09
109Doyle SmithM6045:299:09
110Angela TempletonF4545:349:10
111Jason NovoselskyM3945:459:13
112Samantha BurlesonF3045:519:14
113Kim ChaoF6045:579:15
114Jennifer ByerlyF4246:029:16
115Lynn MarksF5046:149:18
116Anthony SakaniwaM6546:159:19
117Ricky BishopM5046:169:19
118Jerry MckeeM5546:199:19
119Joanne WilcoxF3346:199:19
120Kate CraftF2846:349:22
121Robert MetcalfeM4946:369:23
122Joy PonderF4246:389:23
123Jim CruickshankM5946:519:26
124Bernadette DarlingF4546:539:26
125Karen SilversF3047:029:28
126Christine AlstonF4247:029:28
127Carol Jean VosburghF6847:079:29
128Jeffrey HatfieldM4747:119:30
129Jeff BivinsM5247:149:31
130David CristM3747:269:33
131Jeannie GraemeF4647:309:34
132Robert GraemeM5747:309:34
133Tara KeyserF3847:339:34
134Patrick GainesM4147:369:35
135Megan BrooksF3047:419:36
136Fred LemieuxM6547:459:37
137Jeff HendrixM3247:489:37
138Blake WootenM1447:529:38
139Tom WootenM4447:539:38
140Joshua KirboM2648:089:41
141Colleen LeyvaF5248:179:43
142Scott McleanM4248:219:44
143Matthew MimsM4348:249:45
144Linda KillingerF5248:249:45
145John OdellM6948:279:45
146Melissa MckayF2748:289:45
147Kevin OehmM3248:429:48
148Holly OehmF3148:429:48
149Jason DavisM3448:509:50
150Katie BradleyF3248:559:51
151Marc MatusM3149:099:54
152Linda CoxF6049:269:57
153Courtney NelsonF3449:339:59
154Jeff BurgessM4549:4210:00
155Nathan WatersM1349:4410:01
156Laurie Preston-LenkF3749:4510:01
157Holly BolingF4049:4510:01
158Trent PruettM5749:5310:02
159Jason RoseM2750:0010:04
160Tim GoodeM4950:0510:05
161Scott OrrM3750:0710:05
162Laura ReadyF5050:1710:07
163Tricia KingF4250:2410:09
164Mary ParsonsF6250:2910:10
165Ashley TolerF3750:3010:10
166David ShafferM5350:4210:12
167Alexandria MccrawF2650:4310:13
168Lucia PadillaF2950:4510:13
169Anne KulinskiF3050:4810:14
170Patricia BrooksF6451:1010:18
171Richard TraisterM5751:1710:19
172Tim MurrayM7551:2710:21
173Caryn-Jane MatusF3251:3810:24
174Erika UhrlassF4751:4010:24
175Reese ShraderM951:4010:24
176Krista MarschnerF3751:5010:26
177Anne McclinticF3751:5110:26
178Michael OboyleM5351:5210:26
179Angela VaughnF4452:0110:28
180Mary Lynn MarksF1552:1410:31
181Jill MillerF3052:3310:35
182Monica DematosF4452:3710:36
183Twyla RyanF4252:3710:36
184Carol CopenhaverF4752:3810:36
185Thomas KotzM5652:4110:36
186Teresa MccoyF4052:5410:39
187David WilsonM3552:5610:39
188Andrea RoubalF4353:0010:40
189Tyler GilreathM1553:0210:40
190Laurin LongF2553:0510:41
191John MahshizM5453:0710:42
192Matthew GilreathM4153:0810:42
193Cynthia DewittF5553:0910:42
194Bob CashionM5653:1010:42
195Dawn Marie KlugF4653:2410:45
196Steven SiegristM6553:3010:46
197Rebecca BrownF3653:3210:47
198Jeff LillyM5653:3910:48
199Stephanie HendricksonF3153:4010:48
200Kem RobertsF5153:5110:50
201Linda HegarF5953:5310:51
202Beth BatcheldorF3853:5510:51
203Roger SouthworthM7253:5510:51
204Heather ShraderF4054:0810:54
205Sarah HendrixF2954:1210:55
206Christine SakaniwaF3654:1410:55
207Lynn SakaniwaF5954:1410:55
208Hunter WaldropF2154:2310:57
209Kelly ElliottF4454:2610:57
210Alexa DorrisF2554:3010:58
211David SlobodimM7554:3010:58
212Abbey CrosbyF2854:4411:01
213Rosie SheppardF4654:4511:01
214Joel CallahanM4554:4811:02
215Rita HensleyF5155:0811:06
216Nicole MahshieF2855:1611:07
217Andrea KelpinF3755:1811:08
218Carrie ElmoreF3655:2111:08
219Julie NewbyF3256:2311:21
220Dawn WatersF4056:2511:21
221David RarickM4156:3111:22
222Becky WuerzerF5556:5111:26
223Elana FlaniganF4057:1211:31
224Jan Hevisa Cant Read ItF4857:2111:33
225Autumn ThompsonF4457:2711:34
226Kerry WillcoxF2657:2811:34
227Molly DugganF6157:2911:34
228Llyod StinesM6658:0211:41
229Sierra LindseyF1358:1711:44
230Charity BurgessF4058:1711:44
231Jack ShireyM7758:2511:46
232James PhillisM5758:4811:50
233Kitty OlsonF6858:4811:50
234Lindsey SkidmoreF2758:5911:52
235Kristi PopeF3559:0011:53
236Theresa MinceF2459:0411:53
237Polly RaineyF3759:0611:54
238Monique RuizF3259:0811:54
239Tracy KlaesF2959:1011:55
240Hunter MarksM5259:2611:58
241Judy NutwellF5359:3011:59
242Lou AheronF5359:3612:00
243Michele CassoneF5059:4112:01
244Rebecca LuhmF3359:4212:01
245Kelly KoneyF5059:4412:01
246Gail McclellandF591:00:0412:05
247Susan WestallF441:00:0912:06
248Sarah KazenF211:00:1412:07
249Justin SumpterM241:00:1512:08
250Carol KaczmarekF521:00:2012:09
251Amy CornettF451:00:4612:14
252Nancy GrigsbyF561:01:1612:20
253Ann ThomasF501:01:3812:24
254Scott BeattieM481:02:4412:38
255Mark KennedyM761:02:5412:40
256Amanda GoodmanF351:03:0212:41
257Emily PropstF351:03:4012:49
258Keli SperanzaF271:04:3112:59
259Patrice GiammancoF321:04:3112:59
260Chris ConoleyM481:05:0713:06
261Leann MeltonF441:05:4313:14
262Preston JohnsonM631:06:1513:20
263Martha MarshallF691:06:3413:24
264Danny WhisnantM501:10:4114:13
265Faith PaceF431:11:3514:24
266Larishia CherryF341:11:3514:24
267Connie SnipesF421:11:5314:28
268Donna MorganF531:12:0914:31
269Sandra PearceF511:12:4314:38
270Michael ButlerM361:13:1814:45
271Dawn HarrisonF461:13:2114:46
272Niki CoffinF341:15:0015:06
273Dinorah KrankerF761:17:1315:32
274Lucy HenryF491:18:2915:48
275Maria LundF521:18:2915:48
276Jen TaylorF311:22:5816:42
277Susan GarrenF451:23:0016:42
278Peter VolkM421:24:4817:04
279Susan VolkF471:24:4817:04
280Richard KrankerM831:27:5217:41

Highland Brewing Company Run Club – First Meeting Wednesday September 3, 2014

Highland Brewing Company Run Club

Highland Brewing Company Run Club

How cool is this? On a scale of 1 (yuck) to 5 (draft me a cold one) I’d say the new Highland Brewing Company Run Club is a 5! The first EVER meeting is next Wednesday, September 3, 2014. Meet at 6:15 on the deck. If you like the Highland Tasting Room and its festive environment (like about a bazillion other folks) and like a friendly run, come on out.


The first ever meeting of the Highland Brewing Company Run Club will be September 3, 2014. Show up by 6:15 on the front deck and get ready to run! Please arrive a few minutes early to sign in and sign a waiver. The event is free and open to all levels–walkers, families, and friendly dogs are encouraged. We want everyone to come out, have a good time, exercise, and socialize. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Highland Brewing Company Run Club is a fun way to come out to the brewery, get a run in, drink some beer and socialize. We are community and family oriented, and while the meadow is open, friendly dogs can run too! Walkers are welcome, joggers are welcome, and those super-humans that can run 4 minute miles are welcome too!

Runs start from the brewery at 6:15 PM every Wednesday, rain or shine! All runs are down and back, with turn around points for a 1 mile fun run, a 2.25 mile not so fun run, or a full on 4.2 mile run.

Before your first run be sure to arrive early to get your waiver signed. Each time after please sign in on the iPad to be sure we know you showed up and ran to earn super sweet HBC Run Club incentives!

Run. Drink Highland beer. Have fun.


Like the Highland Brewing Company Run Club Facebook Page.

Mt Mitchell Challenge – Black Mountain Marathon – February 28, 2015

Mount Mitchell Challenge / Black Mountain Marathon

Mount Mitchell Challenge / Black Mountain Marathon

It’s that time again – the lottery for a prized slot in the Mt Mitchell Challenge:


The Challenge is this: Begin at dawn in Black Mountain, the quaint “front porch of Western North Carolina”, and follow trails to the “rooftop” of Western North Carolina, the 6,684′ summit of Mount Mitchell – eastern America’s highest point – then return to the start/finish area! With a starting altitude of 2,360′, the elevation gain for this 40-mile run will be 4,324′ – in the first 20 miles!

Race founders Wendell Begley of Black Mountain Savings and Trent Thomas from Black Dome Mountain Sports saw a need for this kind of event for both the elite athlete and the weekend warrior. Their goal was to design a race that was attainable physically while offering the opportunity to test oneself against the often-uncooperative forces of nature!

The Marathon runners start side-by-side with the Challengers and duplicate their course to the Black Mountain Gap overlook on the famed Blue Ridge Parkway. Here, at an elevation of 5,340′ and with an extraordinary view of Mount Mitchell as a backdrop, Marathoners will turn and retrace their course to the Start/Finish area in Black Mountain.


Due to the popularity and limited available spots for the Mount Mitchell Challenge, we have implemented a lottery for the 40-mile Challenge (the Black Mountain Marathon will still be first-come-first-served as usual). The Challenge lottery is meant to give everyone a chance to register over the course of an entire week, starting September 1, 2014. Shortly after the close of registration, the system will randomly select the set number of participants and post the results. To be completely equitable to those that have supported us for the past 15 years, Race Management will reserve some spaces in the lottery for runners that have participated in 10 or more Challenges. You will still need to enter the lottery, and it does not guarantee your entry. But, this should help show the respect and gratitude for those that support us year in and out!

Your credit card will be required to register, but we will not charge your account, until selected. However, if you are using a check card, your bank will lock your funds until we either process your payment or void the transaction.

How it works:

  • The Challenge lottery will open at 9AM EST on September 1st…It will remain open for 7 days…at which time it will close and the Challenge field will be assigned. Emails will then go out to those that have been selected and those that have not. The Marathon registration will remain closed until this process is finished.
  • On September 10th at 9AM EST, the registration for the Marathon will begin and continue until it is full. The Marathon entry process is first come, first serve, so delaying the start of Marathon registration will allow those that do not make the Challenge field the chance to sign up for the Marathon if desired. There will be a chance for Marathon registrants to sign up for the Challenge wait list.
  • The Challenge cap is 200 runners. The Marathon is 250. Most of the Challenge runners are randomly selected from the lottery. There are few reserved slots for long time runners (10 or more years here) or sponsors, etc.  If you think you are special in one of these ways, you still need to register for the lottery.

Some details to know:


Challenge – $125
Marathon – $100


You can withdraw by January 15th and receive a refund minus $30 or a full credit towards the following year. Withdrawals after January 15th will receive no refund or credit.


1. Am I on the “Early Registration” email list?

If you have run before, probably. But, add your email above to be sure. The registration email goes out in August.

2. If I don’t make the lottery selection, do I get a spot in the Marathon automatically?

No. But, we are delaying the start of Marathon registration until after the lottery is finished and the folks that did not get in are notified, that way, everyone has the same chance to register for the Marathon.

3. Will there be a wait list for the Challenge?

Not automatically. But, if you choose to register for the Marathon, there is an option to be put on the Challenge wait list. We generally get a dozen or so drop-outs before February and those spots would be offered to this list in order.

4. Why is there a limit on the race?

Our permitting process and safety standards will only allow so many athletes in the race. While the quality and ability of both the athletes and the emergency personnel have improved dramatically over the years, this is still Mt. Mitchell in the winter, a very remote and dangerous place to be staging such an event.

5. What was the old selection process?

We hand selected runners based on the number of times they had run our event. The more times you had raced, the more likely you got in. This process was fine when the race wasn’t quite so popular. But, with a very strict maximum field number and a 16 year old event, you can see how new runners were feeling as though they would never be able to get in for the first time. Online registration was also something that had been requested for a number of years. Going to a lottery for the Challenge and then a first come, first serve method for the Marathon – while giving a slight nod to past racers – seemed like the best compromise.

6. What is the cancellation policy?

You can withdraw by January 15th and receive a refund minus $30 or a full credit towards the following year. Withdrawals after January 15th will receive no refund or credit.


Online registration is available at Ultra Signup. For more information, visit the race website.

Results of the Maggie Valley Moonlight 8k – August 24, 2014 – Maggie Valley NC

Maggie Valley Moonlight Race

Maggie Valley Moonlight Race

Nice turnout for this nighttime classic in Maggie Valley. There were 337 finishers, down 15% from last year’s turnout of 395. There was much more competition this weekend in 2014, evidenced by lower numbers in all the popular races. A big shout out is due Sarah Beth Lee who won the female division. Sarah Beth owned the nighttime racing options this weekend taking first in the Waynesville Main Street Mile the night before. Sarah Beth also won both the Maggie Valley 8k and the Waynesville Main Street Mile in 2013. Congratulations to Chris Bailey as winner of the male division.

Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Chris BaileyCharleston SCM2426:18.35:18
2Josey WeaverWeaverille NCM2426:40.35:22
3Javan LappAsheville NCM2627:04.35:27
4Philip LatterBryson City NCM3227:09.85:28
5Scott WilliamsAsheville NCM3627:20.15:30
6Frankie AdkinsAsheville NCM4027:48.05:36
7Daniel HenrySylva NCM2529:13.55:53
8Noah AllisonMarshall NCM1729:21.35:54
9Seth Hendler-VossCanton NCM3629:35.35:57
10Stewart AlfordAsheville NCM3829:41.55:58
11Brinson MilhornGray TNM3330:09.86:04
12John RobertsSnellville GAM4830:18.26:06
13Sarah Beth LeeWaynesville NCF2631:04.16:15
14Robert NussearRaleigh NCM4931:34.16:21
15Macy LatterBryson City NCF3331:34.56:21
16Jared LeeMaggie Valley NCM3132:26.16:32
17Roberto MenaDublin GAM3032:55.46:37
18Jason MichaelsMills River NCM3533:25.36:43
19Norman FerrisAsheville NCM6433:38.96:46
20Jordan JaynesAsheville NCF2433:44.26:47
21Lincoln CrosseAsheville NCM5533:46.26:48
22Jorge RiosWaynesville NCM2334:23.16:55
23Ryan BennettBryson City NCM1834:29.56:56
24Marc JacksonLittle Switzerland NCM4434:44.66:59
25Mark SevierArden NCM3634:52.27:01
26Charlie GayMills River NCM4834:53.77:01
27David KirklandJonesville SCM3934:54.47:01
28Kimzey EllisCandler NCF2535:08.77:04
29Patrick StreetJohnson City TNM4035:24.77:07
30Eric CannonCandler NCM3835:36.97:10
31Byron BackerGreenville SCM4935:54.07:13
32Aly NussearAtlanta GAF5135:59.17:14
33Jared EarleyFaison NCM3136:03.47:15
34Patrick RyanCharlotte NCM4436:19.47:18
35Michael ThurmanAsheville NCM4236:48.17:24
36Don GemlSaint Clair Shores MIM3037:03.67:27
37Drew MahaffeyTaylors SCM2437:14.97:29
38Chad CooperCherokee NCM4137:19.57:31
39Holly StreetJohnson City TNF3237:26.37:32
40Laura JohnsonGreenville SCF2737:34.87:34
41Steven MarrSylva NCM4937:38.77:34
42Josh AngelCandler NCM2338:01.77:39
43Zack JaynesAsheville NCM2538:07.27:40
44Daniel PatrickLexington SCM2538:07.87:40
45Tim HusseyMaggie Valley NCM5338:09.17:41
46Daniel HasslerDurham NCM4638:13.47:41
47David AllenFleming Island FLM5138:24.37:44
48John TreleavenCandler NCM6238:31.57:45
49Steve ArnoldUnion SCM3238:32.77:45
50Rich WadeWinter Springs FLM4738:33.77:45
51Joshua RevelsSylva NCM2838:34.97:46
52Jason PressleyCandler NCM4038:40.47:47
53Jamie MainsGray TNF3238:46.07:48
54Robert UnderwoodHendersonville NCM3238:46.97:48
55Michael MurphyAsheville NCM5238:51.17:49
56Jimmy NewcombDanville VAM5438:52.27:49
57Jennifer JansenUnion SCF4138:54.17:50
58William GaddisWaynesville NCM3938:57.67:50
59Mark RollinsClyde NCM4739:03.17:51
60Lc MooreKeeling VAM6739:13.17:53
61Jason PiersonCanton NCM3539:16.77:54
62Ryan PettitSylva NCM2839:20.77:55
63Jobie Redmond, JrHigh Point NCM5139:25.07:56
64Lisa CookClyde NCF4639:37.97:58
65April BarkerHazelwood NCF3439:39.37:59
66Tristan GrobClyde NCM3039:50.38:01
67Robert StoreyPlum Branch SCM1839:53.88:01
68Kermitt BowenSuwannee GAM7240:02.88:03
69Taylor BogerWaynesville NCM1140:05.18:04
70Porter RichardsonWaynesville NCM1240:10.08:05
71Steven BondCharlotte NCM4940:17.08:06
72James HorneGreenville SCM6640:24.88:08
73Jamey WatersUnion SCM4340:25.08:08
74David KitchensUnion SCM5440:26.18:08
75Mike AzizDuluth GAM4840:30.08:09
76Billy DoubraskiAsheville NCM3440:31.78:09
77Amanda MahaffeyTaylors SCF2340:35.28:10
78Brian TraynhamClyde NCM4440:36.28:10
79Kenney ChapmanCullowhee NCM3040:37.38:10
80Michael MonteagudoMaggie Valley NCM2940:37.88:10
81Wayne BoyntonLoxahatchee FLM6940:47.78:12
82Rusty RisherAiken SCM4341:05.38:16
83Kristin AzizDuluth GAF4841:10.98:17
84Jacqueline BurrisCanton NCF3741:21.08:19
85Larry WatchornOrlando FLM5341:28.78:21
86Mike TomkinsonWaynesville NCM6641:28.98:21
87James KodarasAsheville NCM3141:48.98:25
88Jennifer McCallWaynesville NCF3741:51.88:25
89Sally KodarasAsheville NCF3041:52.68:25
90Ellen LohmeyerSylva NCF3442:03.88:28
91Shirley SmithEasley SCF5542:15.28:30
92Stephanie StinesCanton NCF4142:20.88:31
93Tanner FutchCandler NCM2242:32.68:33
94Paige KirklandWagener SCM3742:34.18:34
95Barbara KirklandJonesville SCF3842:37.38:34
96Thomas SettleAnderson SCM1842:42.58:35
97Amanda RingAustin TXF3442:42.58:35
98John TurnerCanton GAM5742:43.98:36
99Kathleen DonaisNashville TNF3642:47.78:36
100Mike KneelandNashville TNM2942:48.98:37
101Tracie WintersSanford FLF4242:50.98:37
102Andy SheriffCentral SCM2843:11.88:41
103Jacob SuttonMaggie Valley NCM2643:13.78:42
104Laura RollinsClyde NCF4443:14.28:42
105Steve MullaneyColumbia SCM5243:23.08:44
106Carla LeaGreenville SCF5043:26.28:44
107Jennifer SallandBuford GAF4243:26.78:44
108Emily SevierArden NCF3743:26.98:44
109Tanner DeatonMaggie Valley NCM2243:32.38:46
110Bill HarrisHickory NCM5643:33.98:46
111Maura ThompsonAsheville NCF2543:40.88:47
112Micah BarnwellKnoxville TNM3243:45.18:48
113Donny LeonardCrossville TNM3143:46.88:48
114Sean McGrewWedgefield SCM4643:54.08:50
115Britt MorganWinter Garden FLM4344:01.28:51
116Betty SongerSuwanee GAF6044:01.68:51
117Jacob AngelCandler NCM2344:06.58:52
118Cindy KressSimpsonville SCF5744:11.78:53
119David LawsonAlachua FLM6744:18.68:55
120Brian HallBlack Mountain NCM4744:26.28:56
121Luke KesselHickory NCM1744:30.08:57
122Frank SmithGreensboro NCM7344:31.38:57
123Michael WagenseilMaggie Valley NCM4444:31.48:57
124Jeff WheelerWaynesville NCM4344:38.38:59
125Trent BurgessMaggie Valley NCM2344:42.69:00
126Charis JonesCanton NCF2544:43.69:00
127Laurie SheppardCanton NCF4544:54.79:02
128Amanda JohnsonNashville TNF3845:02.59:04
129Gabriela EdwardsMaggie Valley NCF3945:11.19:05
130Lewis BozardKennesaw GAM4345:20.39:07
131Mark KelleyOakwood GAM5245:24.69:08
132Billy GreenSummerville SCM4545:24.69:08
133Susan RisherAiken SCF3245:25.29:08
134Jared EnsleyWaynesville NCM2345:34.09:10
135Mike KellyClarkesville GAM5845:37.69:11
136Kathy CottrellSimpsonville SCF5445:39.99:11
137Julia KesselHickory NCF1745:40.29:11
138Eric ChallengerMaggie Valley NCM2345:41.19:12
139Nancy KelleyOakwood GAF5845:46.29:13
140Kelli SelmanCumming GAF4845:46.49:13
141Christy JohnsonWaynesville NCF3945:52.39:14
142Karmen FranklinCandler NCF2946:08.59:17
143Samantha BurlesonCandler NCF3046:14.99:18
144Harold McMahanBryson City NCM5546:15.19:18
145Aimee KirklandWagener SCF3446:18.79:19
146Michael WallsBlack Mountain NCM6146:28.39:21
147John ReidSneedville TNM4746:33.89:22
148Butch FosterUnion SCM5546:49.99:25
149Philip LimoncielloAtlanta GAM7246:50.49:25
150Lisa ParlerGastonia NCF5547:00.19:27
151Tami QuigleyCanton NCF4547:00.69:27
152Amy HerrenAsheville NCF4147:00.79:27
153Kelly CowardCanton NCF4747:02.09:28
154George SongerSuwanee GAM6447:06.99:29
155Patrick JohnsonFlagler Beach FLM6047:07.69:29
156Susan PaulMaitland FLF5947:11.99:30
157Amanda HerefordNashville TNF3447:24.99:32
158Sherry RoaneAsheville NCF5547:27.89:33
159Vienna LoprestiWaynesville NCF3447:28.59:33
160Donna EvansBoiling Springs SCF3547:28.69:33
161Suzanna DellingerEtowah NCF3147:40.09:35
162Dan JohnsonTaylors SCM5247:43.39:36
163Misty CollinsCanton NCF3747:48.09:37
164Bill HaseldenChapin SCM5347:49.59:37
165Jennifer KaylorAsheville NCF5047:52.69:38
166Alan BestClyde NCM5548:01.89:40
167Liz MasseyWeaverville NCF4348:03.69:40
168Alicia BurttCullowhee NCF4248:06.19:41
169Miriam MillerTaylors SCF1848:06.59:41
170John RingAustin TXM4548:27.69:45
171Heath PCandler NCM4148:31.29:46
172Jeremy BalogAsheville NCM3048:32.29:46
173Jane CannonCandler NCF3748:33.39:46
174Dennis PopeConcord NCM4848:39.29:47
175Amanda AlfordAsheville NCF3548:39.49:47
176Thomas FloydSylva NCM2548:41.19:48
177Marcus KimFletcher NCM2948:42.09:48
178Benjamin SheriffGreenville SCM2648:46.89:49
179Mark SheppardCanton NCM4748:52.39:50
180Joy ConnerGreer SCF3549:02.99:52
181Sue WoodAsheville NCF6049:07.19:53
182Karen RigdonHazelwood NCF4649:09.89:53
183Monica YatesWaynesville NCF3949:18.19:55
184Colten JenkinsWaynesville NCM2149:32.39:58
185Wayne CampbellCandler NCM6449:38.79:59
186Sheryl PraktishCeyratF5649:39.79:59
187Ansley SummerAiken SCF1949:40.510:00
188Meagan CrewsSylva NCF2649:48.310:01
189Stefanie RubleyClyde NCF3249:48.910:01
190Michael WillisCanton NCM5649:55.610:03
191Mary Alice BoydCharlotte NCF3750:03.410:04
192Michelle SullivanWaxhaw NCF4650:24.710:08
193Amy HarringtonCanton NCF3750:29.310:09
194Thelma HelmsClover SCF5550:40.110:12
195Bennett GobbleDanville VAM5950:50.110:14
196Sue ThatcherAsheville NCF6550:53.510:14
197Jessica MorganSylva NCF2750:56.710:15
198Mandy FoutsSylva NCF3350:57.510:15
199Pierre LaferriereGreenville SCM2751:00.710:16
200Simone YamazakiAsheville NCF2451:18.010:19
201Stacey UnksFletcher NCF3651:27.210:21
202Christal BanksMason OHF4151:30.310:22
203Donna CopeCanton NCF5751:31.310:22
204Hannah ParrottWaynesville NCF1851:33.310:22
205Regena WoodMorrow OHF4951:35.310:23
206Derek PainterCharlotte NCM4451:38.210:23
207Terri WoodWaynesville NCF5451:46.810:25
208Kevin TrevathanIrmo SCM1451:53.910:26
209Bobby WoodCanton NCM7252:00.910:28
210Hannah GardnerGreenville SCF1752:02.210:28
211Patricia LeschWaynesville NCF6252:08.710:29
212Trey HaseldenChapin SCM1452:19.410:32
213Robert HolcombeAsheville NCM6552:20.710:32
214Tina GossBall Ground GAF4652:25.110:33
215Shelia KesselHickory NCF4752:29.210:34
216Patty EnsleyCullowhee NCF5652:39.110:36
217Taylor MedfordSylva NCM2452:40.110:36
218Carole LimoncielloAtlanta GAF7052:57.510:39
219Leah ColeOld Fort NCF3653:01.810:40
220Jacob WayMaggie Valley NCM2253:02.210:40
221Bob RockwellTaylors SCM6453:04.010:41
222Wendy UnderwoodCanton NCF4153:06.310:41
223Lisa HollandCanton NCF4453:15.810:43
224Danks LisaCanton NCF4853:16.610:43
225Charlotte LailLeicester NCF4353:17.610:43
226Hayley MillerSchroon Lake NYF3253:26.010:45
227John FutchCandler NCM5453:27.710:45
228Denise MichaudMorganton NCF5753:33.210:46
229Nicholas GarciaCanton GAM2853:34.810:47
230Michael SelmanCumming GAM5853:53.910:51
231Ivy CookClyde NCF1253:57.910:51
232Kim JohnsonTaylors SCF5354:13.810:55
233Beth HooperCandler NCF4754:20.310:56
234Kelly PhillipsCandler NCF3154:24.210:57
235Bob WishamAsheville NCM7454:24.910:57
236Kristin GrunerClyde NCF4254:25.810:57
237Kasey FradyCandler NCF3454:39.411:00
238Jennifer BarfieldCanton NCF2754:46.011:01
239Kaitlin EganWinston Salem NCF2554:54.111:03
240Alison BruceLeicester NCF2454:55.811:03
241Nancy PartridgeWaynesville NCF5254:57.611:03
242Michael CopeCanton NCM5755:02.211:04
243Rachel KaskinGreenville SCF2555:03.111:05
244April McCarthyVale NCF3955:08.211:06
245Tom HarrisRingold VAM7055:26.711:09
246James LeeCanton NCM5055:28.211:10
247Stephanie PaceMarion NCF4055:41.611:12
248Vicki RogersWeaverville NCF3255:59.111:16
249Nancy DuffieCandler NCF4356:02.711:16
250Brenda CooterGrovetown GAF6856:09.111:18
251Christina KirkpatrickWaynesville NCF4356:11.111:18
252David GentryIndianapolis INM5956:12.211:18
253Cheryl GentryIndianapolis INF5856:12.811:18
254Lisa LewisClyde NCF5056:17.611:19
255Sam StringfieldWaynesville NCM2756:20.311:20
256Sheila RadcliffAsheville NCF5756:23.811:21
257Randi ArizonaCary NCF1856:24.411:21
258Angie WoodyNebo NCF4456:24.911:21
259Kevin KausnerBuffalo NYM6756:29.911:22
260Laura SmithCandler NCF5156:33.811:23
261Robert ConardCandler NCM4156:35.311:23
262Kim ConnerWaynesville NCF4556:45.711:25
263Erica PoolMarion NCF3656:46.711:25
264Brandy UnderwoodHendersonville NCF3057:14.311:31
265Haley BurnetteWaynesville NCF2757:15.611:31
266Michael MarkCharlotte NYM2657:16.811:31
267Jason BarfieldCanton NCM3257:20.411:32
268Gary WiseCandler NCM6957:20.811:32
269Rena MedfordBuffalo SCF4257:26.111:33
270Ginger WintersUnion SCF5057:26.711:33
271Stacey RheaMaggie Valley NCF3957:38.911:36
272Kristy SummerAiken SCF4857:54.211:39
273Donna SheriffWestminster SCF5258:07.611:42
274Elizabeth CurleyClyde NCF1358:17.711:44
275Kenneth MichaudWalnut Cove NCM3058:22.111:45
276Pam HarrisRinggold VAF6058:22.211:45
277Terry HartleyHudson NCM6358:28.011:46
278Rachel KesselHickory NCF1758:42.711:49
279Maclean RedmondHigh Point NCF1358:42.811:49
280Patrick FloydRidgeway SCM3758:47.011:50
281Richard DillardWaynesville NCM7959:09.111:54
282Steve HelmsClover SCM6259:11.811:54
283Bev WhitakerTen Mile TNF6959:38.812:00
284Jacob CooterGrovetown GAM7759:58.612:04
285Cindy MetzgarCandler NCF461:00:10.312:06
286Carol SeveranceCandler NCF491:00:12.212:07
287Christopher FloydWedgefield SCM341:00:44.312:13
288Ryan LivingstonProsperity SCF241:00:44.312:13
289Loran RandallWatkinsville GAM591:00:55.412:15
290David RummelColumbia SCM681:01:19.812:20
291Julie AlewinePomaria SCF341:02:09.612:30
292Jackie HerronCandler NCF581:02:16.712:32
293Woolie WishamAsheville NCF711:02:21.112:33
294Diane MartinezCullowhee NCF501:02:28.112:34
295Pam MiddletonSylva NCF421:02:28.312:34
296Bill WintersOrmond Beach FLM701:02:45.312:38
297Chris WatrasClyde NCM361:02:46.012:38
298Donna HertlingGreenville SCF631:02:57.512:40
299Mona WattsShelby NCF421:03:52.512:51
300Paige FutchCharlotte NCF251:04:28.612:58
301Tammy FerrisAsheville NCF531:05:17.513:08
302Warren NewtonSavannah GAM741:05:51.413:15
303Allison BruffyCharleston SCF311:05:57.613:16
304Denise BitzAsheville NCF391:06:02.913:17
305Cindy JonesArden NCF371:07:05.013:30
306Julie LambertWhittier NCF311:07:06.713:30
307Liz WatrasClyde NCF291:07:10.113:31
308Traci FrisbeeCandler NCF441:07:25.113:34
309Belinda HallCandler NCF561:07:28.813:34
310Jerry CagleTen Mile TNM701:07:36.213:36
311Chip WhitakerTen Mile TNM691:07:46.913:38
312Laura WallsBlack Mountain NCF611:07:57.313:40
313Wes AlbrightLake Mary FLM731:08:18.113:45
314Sharon BradleyCherokee NCF571:08:28.513:47
315Molly RichardsonWaynesville NCF441:08:31.313:47
316Tina GayMills River NCF451:08:47.413:50
317Paul MurphyHorse Shoe NCM491:08:50.813:51
318Tammy SmathersCandler NCF411:09:00.713:53
319Debbie FosterUnion SCF541:10:39.714:13
320Andi MatthewsAsheville NCF381:10:42.714:14
321Bernice MooreKeeling VAF631:11:16.414:20
322Destiny PhillipsAsheville NCM291:11:36.314:24
323Amber DownsArden NCF231:11:37.014:25
324Sarah ShermanCanton NCF721:13:39.914:49
325Shannon AndersFranklin NCF391:13:50.214:51
326Denise MurphyHorse Shoe NCF441:15:17.415:09
327David TrevathanIrmo SCM581:16:28.615:23
328Pamela KimFletcher NCF491:16:38.215:25
329Dawn ConardCandler NCF401:17:50.015:40
330Daniel ConardCandler NCM141:17:51.015:40
331Ann WilkersonSavannah GAF711:19:09.715:56
332Melissa LaneyCandler NCF391:22:25.816:35
333Heibe ThompsonAsheville NCM551:24:44.017:03
334Arich RubleyClyde NCM131:24:55.217:05
335Hilary BrindleyCandler NCF331:26:43.817:27
336Sue CampbellCandler NCF591:26:44.117:27
337Florence WillisWaynesville NCF551:31:19.818:22

Results of the Springmaid Splash 10k – August 23, 2014 – Spruce Pine NC

Springmaid Splash

Springmaid Splash

153 runners took the 10k splash this year, down 14% from last year. Congratulations to Eliseo Sanchez and Alisha Little as male and female winners respectively. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Eliseo SanchezBakersville NcM2947:297:39
2Matt PopowskiAsheville NcM2949:528:02
3George LinneyDurham NcM3950:208:07
4Howard EdmistonBoone NcM2851:218:16
5Randy WilsonSwannanoa NcM5452:158:25
6Brad DellingerAsheville NcM4752:438:29
7Alisha LittleLenoir NcF3353:188:35
8Jeff RayFairview NcM4554:408:48
9Kevin SpicerBurnsville NcM2554:438:49
10Stephen BuckTaylors ScM2855:328:57
11Keeelin SchneiderBlack Mountain NcF3655:378:57
12Dalton HughesSpruce Pine NcM2055:539:00
13James DeanNewland NcM2756:189:04
14Lincoln CrosseAsheville NcM5556:269:05
15Greg LittleMorganton NcM2856:319:06
16Mike ZerressenBrevard NcM5357:239:15
17Chad LedfordSpruce Pine NcM3157:429:17
18Bryson YoungAsheville NcM2958:179:23
19Bryin JohnesMorganton NcM4258:199:24
20Zan SistareSpruce Pine NcM5658:249:24
21David BowersCrumpler NcM3558:349:26
22Duane BoyerAsheville NcM4258:519:29
23Clint GeorgeArden NcM3759:159:33
24Jenna CrawleyBanner Elk NcF3759:399:36
25Anna TaylorAsheville NcF3859:579:39
26Ed HollerMorganton NcM551:00:069:41
27Sarah GreenAsheville NcF311:01:119:51
28Rush AustinBurnsville NcM471:01:149:52
29Orven MorelockMount Carmel NcM461:01:169:52
30Gordon MurrayPisgah Forest NcM481:01:189:52
31Ray GillBrevard NcM311:01:189:52
32Tim IstockClemmons NcM611:01:499:57
33Vincent GonzalezAsheville NcM491:01:569:58
34Robert SeabergPolk City IaM291:02:0610:00
35Rick CarterYork ScM471:02:1210:01
36Peter MurphyChatanooga TnM421:02:5110:07
37Gary SmithBanner Elk NcM431:04:0410:19
38Timm PhillipsAsheville NcM531:04:0710:20
39Leigh DeforthAsheville NcF331:04:1110:20
40Cameron MarvinYork ScM151:04:1310:21
41Beck BrunnerBlack Mountain NcF411:04:1910:21
42Carin SmithBakersville NcF391:04:3110:23
43Brandon HorneAsheville NcM341:04:4810:26
44Eric DealChina Grove NcM361:05:0510:29
45Dwayne BallewBurnsville NcM411:05:2310:32
46Jamie EngelPineville NcF381:05:4210:35
47Quez LittleMorganton NcM551:05:4410:35
48James CarrollBakersville NcM531:06:2410:42
49Nathan WellsMooresville NcM361:06:2810:42
50Brittany MckinneyBakersville NcF281:06:4010:44
51Laura Mitchell NorrisAsheville NcF421:06:5310:46
52Todd HokeHenderonsonville NcM451:07:1310:50
53Rick CroutharmelApex NcM511:07:3110:52
54Tracie HainesBoone NcF311:07:4310:54
55Jen WatkinsAsheville NcF371:08:1811:00
56John WalkerwiczAsheville NcM441:08:2811:02
57John NewkirkGreer ScM361:08:3411:02
58Ernie ShaverSmyrna ScM591:08:4111:04
59Kyle SlagleLinville NcM291:09:0411:07
60Steven MooreMarion NcM351:09:1111:09
61David BeattyStatesville NcM661:09:1411:09
62Lindy HossSpartanburg ScF351:09:4911:15
63Ryan WatkinsAsheville NcM371:09:5111:15
64Ashley GoodmanBoone NcF411:10:3311:22
65Shannon WilliamsAsheville NcM411:10:5811:26
66Jessica WilliamsAsheville NcF361:11:1611:28
67Ron WyantBurnsville NcM541:11:2211:29
68Jennifer SmithMarion NcF351:11:2311:30
69Sam MauneyBoone NcF231:11:2311:30
70Michael KrempaskyAsheville NcM381:11:3811:32
71Conrad ShirkBlack Mountain NcM391:11:4611:33
72Sean MarvinYork ScM461:11:5411:35
73Hudson McginnisHope Mills NcM261:11:5711:35
74Bryant WebsterSkyland NcM441:12:0311:36
75Lauren WilsonBoone NcF251:12:5011:44
76Kevin WilsonBoone NcM421:12:5111:44
77Owen ClarkCandler NcM381:13:0111:45
78Lisa RichmondAsheville NcF541:13:0611:46
79Paul SpanosWinston Salem NcM501:13:2211:49
80Peter BouldryWelcome NcM401:13:2411:49
81Bill HaseldenChapin ScM531:13:4711:53
82Willi HarenMadison WiM631:13:4911:53
83Gage WallaceMorganton NcM141:14:1711:58
84Rebecca BattistaBoone NcF441:14:5312:03
85Loralie ClarkMorganton NcF471:15:1012:06
86Rick DishmanStatesville NcM641:15:3012:09
87Polly LeadbetterMorganton NcF451:15:3312:10
88Gina RaicovichSewanee TnF371:15:3512:10
89Tim ClarkAsheville NcM501:15:3612:10
90Dolly McleanAsheville NcF521:15:4112:11
91Timothy HeadForest City NcM481:16:0012:14
92William LemieuxFort Bragg NcM281:16:2012:17
93Steve SizemoreAsheville NcM491:17:2012:27
94Ralph Van PraagAsheville NcM521:17:2212:28
95Lisa MullinsHot Springs NcF401:17:4212:31
96Latisha CannonLittle Switzerland NcF391:17:4412:31
97J Grady ElliottWinston Salem NcM481:18:0712:35
98Helen BlalockBuford GaF431:18:1312:36
99Brenton AshworthDurham NcM441:19:4712:51
100Nola SeabergCharlotte NcF521:19:5112:52
101Wes HawnMorganton NcM431:20:0812:54
102Lacy HughesElizabethton TnF311:20:0812:54
103Roy McginnisMars Hill NcM531:21:4413:10
104John NorthenChapel Hill NcM641:21:4613:10
105Brenton RobertsonChapel Hill NcM381:21:4713:10
106Stephanie CodyMarshall NcF391:21:5013:11
107Amanda ArmstrongMars Hill NcF381:21:5013:11
108Richard RamseyNewland NcM551:21:5113:11
109Blake ThompsonStatesville NcM131:22:0813:14
110Julie BlandaArden NcF361:22:0913:14
111Tina RiceMarshall NcF381:22:4013:19
112Rebecca CorriherChina Grove NcF361:22:5113:20
113Fred LemieuxSpruce Pine NcM651:23:1013:23
114Anna OstendorffBelmont NcF281:23:1113:24
115Mandy HiattNcF351:23:2313:26
116Sherry StonemanWeaverville NcF391:24:4113:38
117Abigail MccombDeep Gap NcF201:24:4213:38
118Ricky YorkJohnson City TnM581:24:5913:41
119Whitney McginnisHope Mills NcF261:25:0613:42
120Brian FranklinClover ScM571:25:0913:43
121Sandra WillanGreer ScF361:25:4813:49
122Beth MarvinYork NcF461:26:4513:58
123Lisa LovedayNewland NcF571:27:2414:04
124Jimmy BranchCandler NcM411:27:2914:05
125Michelle RehfieldBurnsville NcF311:27:4914:08
126Sherry RoaneAsheville NcF551:27:5314:09
127Jerry HoffmanHickory NcM391:28:0114:10
128Josh HartRaleigh NcM401:28:0314:11
129Becky PateBakersville NcF531:30:4914:37
130Richard MungerAsheville NcM631:31:1914:42
131Jill BurlesonDurham NcF431:32:0714:50
132Kathleen StahlyAsheville NcF641:33:2715:03
133Melissa MccullochArden NcF601:33:3815:05
134Lou McleanBoone NcF501:33:3815:05
135Greg PollackAsheville NcM381:34:1215:10
136Jennifer WarrenAsheville NcF381:34:1215:10
137Shawn KellerMorganton NcM361:35:0815:19
138Deanna BuchananBlack Mountain NcF501:35:1915:21
139Jeremy HughesElizabethton TnM331:35:4915:26
140Hayley YoungDurham NcF281:35:5415:26
141Tonya RoyDurham NcF431:36:0115:28
142Christapher HuffuneMoresville NcM351:36:4015:34
143Rita AltmanBurnsville NcF631:37:4915:45
144Mary Louise YorkLake Wylie ScF571:41:5616:25
145Tom YorkLake Wylie ScM601:41:5616:25
146Barbara ShaverSmyrna ScF541:50:3917:49
147Robin WatersFleetwood NcF411:51:3317:58
148Lori EggersFleetwood NcF361:51:3417:58
149Diana DagenhartStatesville NcF641:52:1518:04
150Vivienne EnglishRaleigh NcF102:03:0619:49
151Martha MarshallAsheville NcF692:03:1019:50
152Warren EnglishRaleigh NcM452:03:1119:50
153Cydney EnglishRaleigh NcF422:03:1119:50

Results of the Springmaid Splash 5k – August 23, 2014 – Spruce Pine NC

Springmaid Splash

Springmaid Splash

162 runners took the 5k splash, down 13% from last year’s turnout. It’s a busy weekend this year with stiff competition from other races. Congratulations to Wesley Cramer and Robbyn Elwood as male and female divisions winners respectively. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Wesley CramerAsheville NcM3524:347:55
2Jerod SchellSpruce Pine NcM2825:248:11
3Kelby CodyMarshall NcM3925:428:17
4David SillmanSpruce Pine NcM2226:548:40
5Devan McvaySpruce Pine NcM2227:318:52
6Adam BurlesonSpruce Pine NcM2727:589:00
7Ira DeereBristol TnM3928:399:14
8Corey RunyonSpruce Pine NcM3828:569:19
9Davis ClarkMorganton NcM1729:029:21
10Paul McgeeLittle Switzerland NcM2729:489:36
11Kevin (Apache) MccoyNorton VaM4130:329:50
12Andrew LesSpruce Pine NcM1730:349:51
13Chad CaubleMorresville NcM4030:379:52
14Tim LarsonHickory NcM5130:549:57
15Kent SmithMarion NcM3531:0210:00
16Andrew ByersValdese NcM4431:1610:04
17James OwingsSpruce Pine NcM5331:3210:09
18Richard YokobinasSpruce Pine NcM5232:0010:18
19Robbyn ElwoodHickory NcF3832:0510:20
20Travis SeeversMorganton NcM4132:1110:22
21Anthony MckinneyAsheville NcM3632:1410:23
22Trey HaseldenChapin ScM1432:2110:25
23Steve HallSpruce Pine NcM6032:4010:31
24Billy StameyBurnsville NcM3933:1410:42
25Josh HudginsStatesville NcM3433:2210:45
26Joshua SmathersCandler NcM2733:2810:47
27Laine SchellSpruce Pine NcF2833:4210:51
28J. Scott HinkleSwannanoa NcM6133:5210:55
29Caleb TolleySpruce Pine NcM1334:0110:57
30David StylesCary NcM4234:0510:59
31Steve StreetJohnson City TnM5834:0510:59
32Terry LewisBakersville NcM5334:1611:02
33Iryna SharaievskaBoone NcF3334:3511:08
34Jennifer Hill-VerdeAsheville NcF3634:3711:09
35Paul AlkireNebo NcM2834:4311:11
36Amanda CainYork ScF3635:0611:18
37Vance JonesMorganton NcM1035:0711:18
38Floyd StylesSpruce Pine NcM4935:0811:19
39Josh McgeeLittle Switzerland NcM1535:1011:20
40Joseph RussellHickory NcM3235:1511:21
41Willie AnglinBurnsville NcM3635:2411:24
42Kyle TrivetteDurham NcM2535:3511:28
43Brandon BurlesonBakersville NcM2835:4111:29
44Brandon YoungBakersville NcM3335:5411:34
45Laurel SmithBanner Elk NcF3235:5911:35
46Jack HuskinsBurnsville NcM3536:0311:36
47Kevin TrevathanIrmo ScM1436:1411:40
48Nicholas CornettStatesville NcM3536:1511:40
49Daniel StylesSpruce Pine NcM2836:2211:43
50Eric HuskeySpruce Pine NcM4936:2511:44
51Santana SparksSpruce Pine NcF1336:3111:45
52Rodney HughesSpruce Pine NcM4736:4511:50
53Mariah AllenBurnsville NcF1337:0211:56
54April EnglandJohnson City TnF4337:1712:00
55Jamie CainYork ScM4337:2212:02
56Patricia WaldroupSpruce Pine NcF4837:2712:04
57Clarke AustinKingsport NcM3037:3812:07
58Brian WheelerRock Hill ScM5037:3812:07
59Shelbey PittmanSpruce Pine NcF1437:4112:08
60Kathryn LinneyDurham NcF937:5112:11
61Ashley MarchmanHenderonsonville NcF2838:0812:17
62Amy HudginsMarion NcF4238:0812:17
63Roxanne HughesDurham NcF2538:1012:17
64Ben MarchmanHenderonsonville NcM2938:1112:18
65Elisabeth HeltzAsheville NcF3638:2212:21
66Sarah SmithBakersville NcF1238:2712:23
67Ron CarpenterMars Hill NcM4338:3012:24
68Brittany EggersNewland NcF2738:3712:26
69Travis SeeversMorganton NcM1438:3812:26
70Anthony McvaySpruce Pine NcM4838:5512:32
71Megan WodySpruce Pine NcF3038:5612:32
72Casey WilsonBurnsville NcF2939:0512:35
73Sarah ZurhellenBlowing Rock NcF3339:1312:38
74Lyndsey WestallBarnardsville NcF3039:1412:38
75Scott ArmstrongMars Hill NcM4539:3212:44
76Ashley ArmstrongMars Hill NcF839:3212:44
77Lisa EnsorWatauga TnF5039:4112:47
78Brooke BurlesonSpruce Pine NcF3239:5112:50
79Alicia SillmanSpruce Pine NcF1339:5312:51
80Amanda YoungEllenboro NcF3540:0612:55
81Kara JonesMorganton NcF3640:1412:57
82Nancy BurlesonSpruce Pine NcF6540:1912:59
83Edgar GwaltneyMorganton NcM7440:2313:00
84Heather HoffmanHickory NcF3840:2613:01
85Jennifer WoodAsheville NcF3440:2613:01
86Sonya LeonardAsheville NcF3640:2713:01
87Ashley RobertsonChapel Hill NcF3740:3313:04
88Ashley AustinKingsport NcF3140:3813:05
89Gracey YoungBakersville NcF1340:4013:06
90Kelly ClarkChapel Hill NcF5740:4613:08
91Juliana HaizlipBanner Elk NcF1041:1013:15
92Tom HaizlipBanner Elk NcM4841:1013:15
93Bib One Seven OneF9941:2013:19
94Julie GreeneForest City NcF3841:2113:19
95Chrissy McvaySpruce Pine NcF5041:2613:20
96Theresa PackBakersville NcF5041:3313:23
97Betty BakerAsheville NcF4441:5313:29
98Joey SeeversMorganton NcM1142:0113:32
99Linda StellColfax NcF5742:2313:39
100Ray GravitteKingsport TnM5542:2413:39
101Shanon SmithBakersville NcM4442:3413:42
102Reece ThompsonStatesville NcF1142:3513:43
103Chloe CarterBakersville NcF1042:3613:43
104Rindie CarterBakersville NcF1242:3713:43
105Amber BriggsBurnsville NcF3442:4513:46
106Sarah HughesSpruce Pine NcF4742:5613:49
107Casey SeeversMorganton NcF4243:2413:59
108Tim MurrayBrevard NcM7543:2613:59
109Ruth RobertsWinston Salem NcF5043:2713:59
110Rich BattenRock Hill ScM4843:3114:01
111Sorayder DiazNewland NcF3043:4414:05
112Monica CameronBurnsville NcF4344:0114:11
113Debbie GreggArden NcF5244:0214:11
114Hannah WeimerFletcher NcF2844:0514:12
115Heidi McginnisMars Hill NcF1844:0514:12
116Bradley LawsGreen Mtn. NcM3944:2114:17
117Sona WebbSpruce Pine NcF3644:3114:20
118Brent HeltonValdese NcM3444:4214:24
119Avie HeltonValdese NcF644:4414:24
120Kevin HollifieldSpruce Pine NcM4644:5414:27
121Joe GlennSpruce Pine NcM4644:5714:28
122Deborah OwingsSpruce Pine NcF5145:1714:35
123Michael RobertsWinston Salem NcM5045:1714:35
124Elijah SmithBakersville NcM1245:2614:38
125Rebekah SmithBakersville NcF3645:2714:38
126Emily AllenBurnsville NcF3745:2814:38
127Tonya GesingAsheville NcF4046:0214:49
128Arthur HallWeaverville NcM846:1714:54
129Erin AdamsOld Fort NcF3246:2414:56
130Melissa Garrett-HallWeaverville NcF4246:2514:57
131Carrie BaileyBristol VaF2846:5315:06
132Sally GuynnBurnsville NcF3047:1715:13
133Ashley SextonAsheville NcF1547:1915:14
134Paul SextonAsheville NcM4447:1915:14
135Sierra OwingsSpruce Pine NcF2047:2815:17
136Larry DavisElizabethton TnM7148:1115:31
137Tina BoboRock Hill ScF4948:1615:32
138Brenda YandelYork ScF3948:2315:35
139Joseph YandelYork NcM4348:2315:35
140Hope McginnisMars Hill NcF1448:2715:36
141Lainie LongHenderonsonville NcF4648:5015:43
142Brett ColemanAsheville NcM4749:0715:49
143Susan MckenzieHenderonsonville NcF6749:0915:49
144Lynette CroutharmelApex NcF5250:1716:11
145David TrevathanIrmo ScM5851:4216:39
146Carla HillElizabethton TnF4951:4516:40
147Sarah HamakerAsheville NcF3051:5216:42
148Victoria ReichardAsheville NcF3253:2717:13
149Charlotte BattenRock Hill ScF4553:5617:22
150William HeltonValdese NcM1054:1917:29
151Pamela Van PraagAsheville NcF5554:4017:36
152Ginny SmithCrossnore NcF2456:0018:02
153Jesse SmithCrossnore NcM6056:0018:02
154Faye M BrownDuncan ScF6256:1118:05
155Debbie WheelerRock Hill ScF5158:0818:43
156Jennifer ParkerBakersville NcF3458:2518:49
157Megan MckinneyBakersville NcF3558:2718:49
158Cathy GravitteKingsport TnF5559:4019:13
159Richard TiptonCedar Bluff VaM361:01:0919:41
160Claude VessBurnsville NcM771:04:1320:40
161Harriet McginnisMars Hill NcF531:04:1320:41
162Anita BurlesonSpruce Pine NcF571:06:1821:21

Results of the Waynesville Main Street Mile – August 22, 2014 – Waynesville NC

2014 Waynesville Main Street Mile

2014 Waynesville Main Street Mile

There’s always a nice turnout for the Waynesville Main Street Mile. With 303 finishers the turnout was down 12% from last year’s crowd of 342 finishers. Congratulations to Javan Lapp who won this race again with a time of 4:09, shaving 11 seconds off last year’s time of 4:20. Whew! Congratulations to Sara Beth Lee as the top female. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Javan LappNcM264:09
2Ben FielderNcM194:17
3Daniel HenrySylva NcM254:21
4Shawn Marcie Is EighteenFranklin NcM194:22
5Alex BrownLenoir City TnM264:24
6Sean BrooksNcM274:25
7Jacob FranklinMaggie Valley NcM164:26
8Andrew RobinsonMills River NcM164:28
9Dylan ShamburgerWaynesville NcM164:29
10Curtis RoweColumbus NcM334:36
11Todd SwiftWeaverville NcM444:43
12Bob FayLeicester NcM534:44
13Almon CoxUnion Mills NcM344:48
14Jared LeeMaggie Valley NcM314:48
15Graham EbaughWaynesville NcM244:51
16Lance MorsellSaluda NcM174:54
17Andrew SnowHendersonville NcM294:54
18Michael BeadleCanton NcM424:55
19Sarah Beth LeeWaynesville NcF264:55
20Todd WatsonBiltmore Lake NcM484:57
21Gates GarySunnyland Beach FlM494:59
22Damon LubinskiWaynesville NcM185:00
23C. Max BoswellCandler NcM425:00
24Joey SorrellsNcM385:01
25Joshua LileMidland GaM215:08
26Timothy AsheNcM285:09
27Roberto MenaDublin GaM305:09
28Jaks AshleyAsheville NcM145:11
29Sam SinyardWaynesville NcM205:11
30James EwingNcM365:12
31Ryan BennettBryson City NcM185:12
32Jennifer BodnarCandler NcF425:13
33Mike ZerressenBrevard NcM535:13
34Jay MashburnWaynesville NcM395:16
35Matthew FassellAsheville NcM195:19
36Jesse InmanMaggie Valley NcM225:21
37Michael HoganClyde NcM335:22
38Garret WoodwardWaynesville NcM295:24
39Josh SchickWaynesville NcM335:24
40Randy HoncikWaynesville NcM575:28
41Matthew YouseNcM145:32
42Emily Egelhoff WhalenNcF225:32
43Steve CatheyWaynesville NcM215:33
44Jay ClarkeLake Junaluska NcM475:34
45Jacob BallardAsheville NcM285:35
46Richard MayBiltmore Lake NcM485:37
47Tom TruittClyde NcM505:38
48Zane BennettBryson City NcM245:40
49Crayton MorrowWaynesville NcM155:43
50Josh JonesM255:43
51Jacob BenningtonWaynesville NcM155:46
52Daniel BucknerNcM495:47
53Kenneth ChapmanCullowhee NcM305:48
54Sarah ClarkeLake Junaluska NcF125:49
55Rich WadeWinter Springs FlM475:50
56Kennan HuskisonWaynesville NcM125:53
57Tom DurbinNcM435:54
58Izzy HendersonNcF125:54
59Garret NeiswongerClyde NcM415:55
60Eric MorrisonWaynesville NcM515:55
61Adam GibsonWaynesville NcM305:56
62Joe YarkovichMaggie Valley NcM335:58
63William GaddisWaynesville NcM396:00
64Porter RichardsonWaynesville NcM126:02
65Brett YarringtonWaynesville NcM376:03
66David HillWaynesville NcM276:05
67Whitney VandenraadtCullowhee NcF276:05
68Levi ToxMaggie Valley NcM126:05
69Sebastian QuigleyCanton NcM136:05
70Strick StricklandWaynesville NcM406:09
71Grant HowerClyde NcM286:11
72Bentley RogersWaynesville NcM296:13
73David LileWaynesville NcM536:13
74Tom AgnewSylva NcM516:14
75Joshua BurrisCanton NcM396:16
76Martin ToxMaggie Valley NcM106:17
77Amanda BlairClyde NcF326:18
78Luke PinkstonM106:19
79John FridlAsheville GaM466:20
80Gordon EmersonLake Junaluska NcM606:22
81Nicolas SteppWaynesville NcM136:23
82Jacqueline BurrisCanton NcF376:23
83Mike TomkinsonWaynesville NcM666:23
84John HighsmithWaynesville NcM566:26
85Ellie HudsonNcF166:26
86Emily InmanMaggie Valley NcF136:26
87Matthew HumphreysWaynesville NcM126:27
88Jennifer MccallWaynesville NcF376:32
89Larry WatchornOrlando FlM536:34
90Rachel LinerCanton NcF306:36
91Lara DurbinNcF416:36
92Tim PassWaynesville NcM336:37
93Rachel DurchslagAsheville NcF366:39
94Jessi AdamsNcF326:39
95Tara HoganClyde NcF316:40
96Lucas SorrellsNcM366:41
97Carol FayLeicester NcF556:41
98Christy JohnsonWaynesville NcF396:42
99Brandon HollowayCanton NcM386:42
100Patricia LordSylva NcF546:45
101Rebecca MashburnWaynesville NcF376:45
102Molly HortonWaynesville NcF376:45
103Carter WorleyClyde NcM116:47
104Micah McclureWaynesville NcM366:50
105Tracie WintersSanford FlF426:50
106Billy GreenSummerville ScM456:51
107Lindsay DavisWaynesville NcF286:51
108Stephan SmathersNcF306:53
109Britt MorganWinter Garden FlM436:54
110Everett MahanWaynesville NcM106:54
111Roxanne PopeCanton NcF436:55
112Stonewall StricklandWaynesville NcM66:58
113Gabriela EdwardsMaggie Valley NcF396:58
114Jon BowmanWaynesville NcM536:58
115Chase BoswellCandler NcM106:59
116Larry SpenceBryson City NcM407:01
117Garrison GatesSunnyland Beach FlM87:02
118Morgan PlemmonsWaynesville NcF127:04
119Nora DicksonSylva NcF147:04
120Pressley EdmondsNcM87:04
121Megan PlanchockWaynesville NcF117:05
122Liza BeckerCanton NcF367:05
123Hunter WilliamsNcM147:08
124Jenessa GreineisenWaynesville NcF277:08
125Pat DriscollWaynesville NcM437:13
126Molly SchickWaynesville NcF317:13
127Landon YarringtonWaynesville NcM117:15
128William CovinCanton NcM447:18
129Luke WilsonWaynesville NcM107:20
130Ian BrysonM107:20
131Maddie HudsonWaynesville NcF127:21
132Sissy RosebrockColumbia ScF577:22
133Bryce WorleyClyde NcM107:24
134Alaina LubinskiWaynesville NcF157:25
135Breyson MalletteMaggie Valley NcM87:25
136Isabelle YarringtonWaynesville NcF127:27
137Susan PaulMaitland FlF597:28
138Luke MinaLake Junaluska NcM117:28
139Will HilderbranWaynesville NcM247:29
140Dan ElliotNcM337:30
141Jason LeatherwoodWaynesville NcM407:30
142Sherry RoaneAsheville NcF557:31
143Michael RamseyWaynesville NcM457:32
144Joshua HandySylva NcM87:32
145Kelly SuttonWaynesville NcF367:33
146Samuel EdwardsMaggie Valley NcM107:37
147Shane RockWaynesville NcM407:38
148Jacob EdwardsMaggie Valley NcM87:39
149Emma ClarkeLake Junaluska NcF147:41
150Caitlin GhavassyNcF97:42
151Wanda KenneyWaynesville NcF647:43
152Elizabeth CurleyClyde NcF137:43
153Malichi YunNcM107:44
154Kayden MalletteMaggie Valley NcF97:45
155Aden MckightNcM117:45
156Kennedy SorrellsNcF117:45
157Melanie GoolsbyClyde NcF437:45
158Addison WyattWaynesville NcF107:46
159Julie KeiperNcF507:46
160Ed RoleyNcM627:48
161Skye ParrisNcF117:50
162Jonathan HillCandler NcM497:53
163Elizabeth McleodCullowhee NcF357:54
164Janet MarcieFranklin NcF447:57
165Charlene QuinnNcF267:57
166Donna CopeCanton NcF577:58
167Meagan CappsCanton NcF287:59
168Ryan QuigleyCanton NcM97:59
169Colleen WrackerColumbia ScF518:03
170Lorri MurrayNew Orleans LaF518:04
171Tony GaddisCanton NcM548:05
172Greg ChristopherClyde NcM528:06
173Sage WeaverWaynesville NcF118:07
174Scarlett StricklandWaynesville NcF98:07
175Wogene EastNcM78:08
176Krystan InmanWaynesville NcF208:10
177Joseph ClontzWaynesville NcM98:10
178Mike PassWaynesville NcM618:11
179Gavin HendersonWaynesville NcM98:11
180Marna DodsonWaynesville NcF128:11
181Patti PinkstonCanton NcF498:12
182Diane MartinezCullowhee NcF508:14
183Nathalie SumnerSylva NcF318:14
184Hunter SollieWaynesville NcM78:15
185Aaron FayLeicester NcM108:18
186Daniel BlaggSylva NcM278:20
187Teagan LaursenWaynesville NcM88:21
188Cooper RichardsonWaynesville NcF108:21
189Amy BoswellCandler NcF408:21
190Grady SawyerNcM68:22
191Amber MesserClyde NcF298:23
192Emily ChristopherClyde NcF238:24
193Megan SmithWaynesville NcF368:26
194Taylor SollieWaynesville NcF98:27
195Kara WhiteWaynesville NcF128:27
196Haley EnsleyCanton NcF348:28
197Travis ThompsonMaggie Valley NcM418:28
198Danielle RogersWaynesville NcF288:29
199Margie SavilleGaston ScF518:29
200Olivia CarverWaynesville NcF398:31
201Joe OwensWaynesville NcM438:31
202Will RobertsClyde NcM68:36
203Michael RobinsonWaynesville NcM608:37
204Aidan EastWaynesvilleM118:37
205Mallarie FowlerWaynesville NcF98:39
206Bryce BoydClyde NcM88:39
207Eli GlavichCanton NcM88:39
208Donna SchlagleSylva NcF418:40
209Kim JollyLexington ScF458:41
210Jennifer GibergaF368:41
211Mae ClaxtonNcF478:41
212Karen HamiltonWaynesville NcF418:43
213Melissa TinsleyWaynesville NcF318:44
214Sarah ShortSylva NcF248:49
215Brynna SinyardWaynesville NcF178:51
216Diane EmersonLake Junaluska NcF568:51
217Christie RobinsonClyde NcF418:51
218Megan HauserWaynesville NcF318:53
219Zoe MinaLake Junaluska NcF108:56
220Max NeiswongerClyde NcM99:00
221Jim MajorWaynesville NcM759:01
222Ella LaursenWaynesville NcF109:02
223Alicia ShickWaynesville NcF319:08
224Carter HuskisonWaynesville NcM129:08
225John ManosHazelwood NcM329:11
226Hez CroweSylva NcM219:11
227Philesia SmithSpruce Pine NcF279:11
228Selah HillWaynesville NcF99:11
229Ana AntoninoWaynesville NcF409:14
230Lily HowellNcF119:15
231Linda O'NeilMaggie Valley NcF549:20
232Gina PendergrassWinnsboro ScF529:24
233Olivia OwensNcF119:27
234Julian VanderhoefSylva NcM99:28
235Scott NussmanWaynesville NcM399:35
236Dewayne (Tony) BarnettClyde NcM389:36
237Ava QuigleyCanton NcF79:36
238Sherri ChristopherClyde NcF469:37
239Jade CressAsheville NcF379:39
240Cole PetersonWaynesville NcM99:40
241Brooks BarbeeWaynesville NcM59:41
242Avery MashburnWaynesville NcF69:41
243Molly McconnellNcF79:42
244Eli NeiswongerClyde NcM109:45
245Richard BurnetteNcM669:47
246Marley SchickWaynesville NcF59:48
247Ken O'NeilMaggie Valley NcM669:52
248Megan ClineCandler NcF329:53
249Pam MiddletonSylva NcF429:54
250Jackson BowersM79:54
251Taylor JohnsonSylva NcF209:56
252Steve HertLake Junaluska NcM609:56
253Katie DurbinNcF89:57
254Landen EnsleyNcM810:01
255Sam ClontzWaynesville NcM610:08
256Amelia Muri Need AgeNcF1110:09
257Amy PryorWaynesville NcF3610:14
258Delilah JenkinsWaynesville NcF1010:15
259Walker RobinsonClyde NcM910:21
260Gail BuchananNcF6310:25
261Taylor EasonWaynesville NcF710:27
262Mollie EasonWaynesville NcF510:27
263Gary ImmelWaynesville NcM5510:29
264Zane BodnarCandler NcM310:33
265Hannah YarringtonWaynesville NcF1110:35
266Kiclynn CockrellClyde NcF1010:37
267Brayden CockrellClyde NcM810:42
268Paige EastNcF810:49
269Malachi MenaDublin GaM710:50
270Kohl RuddWaynesville NcM510:56
271Dianne PassWaynesville NcF5210:57
272Lauren DavisWaynesville NcF2410:59
273Kinsley SnipesClyde NcF511:06
274Analyn ReveliaWaynesville NcF711:23
275Molly BishopWaynesville NcF1011:25
276Pamela StrongWaynesville NcF3011:29
277Lisa ThompsonMaggie Valley NcF3711:31
278Gavin BishopNcM1211:35
279Charles DotsonLake Junaluska NcM9111:37
280Annaleah HillWaynesville NcF711:50
281Sierra SellarsWaynesville NcF712:00
282Josie OstendorffWaynesville NcF612:01
283Kathy HillCandler NcF4812:02
284Kaleb SmithSylva NcM712:11
285Arden WeaverWaynesville NcF912:14
286Emmi PetersonWaynesville NcF612:14
287Asher MenaDublin GaM612:24
288Annie HolmesWaynesville NcF512:59
289Kale HollowayCanton NcM513:05
290Alex SmithSylva NcM1113:16
291Mackenzie HendersonWaynesville NcF613:57
292Jamison CavacosNcM514:06
293Taylor SpenceBryson City NcF814:14
294Jean DotsonLake Junaluska NcF8514:32
295Griffin ReveliaWaynesville NcM514:33
296Khloe ChapmanCullowhee NcF315:01
297Alyssa MckightNcF915:22
298Hazel HolmesWaynesville NcF920:11
299Marta KruglovaAsheville NcF2846:54
300Hannah PollardAsheville NcF2547:17
301Wendy SmithCherokee NcF3949:56
302Amanda BowersF3352:52
303Kyle NitscheNcM91:08:57