The Sunset Stampede has been CANCELLED

Sunset Stampede Cancelled

Sunset Stampede Cancelled

SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 – 4:05 PM – I was just notified by Randy Ashley, race director for the Sunset Stampede that the race has been cancelled. There has been a recent road closure on the course and he had not received approval from the city for a new course and no no option but to cancel the event. All pre-registered runners will receive a refund. Randy is working with the race registration company to handle the refund process.

Results of the Du the Du Duathlon and 10k Trail Race – September 14, 2014 – Biltmore Estate – Asheville NC

Du the Du Duathlon and 10k Trail

Du the Du Duathlon and 10k Trail


So, this is the second year of the Asheville Duathlon at The Big House, and iDaph added in a 10k trail race this year. I like running Biltmore, so I decided to run the 10k. Your humble junior correspondent is just a runner, so the Du is not for me. And, I’m an inveterate road runner, so doing a 10k trail run was in itself kind of a stretch. Gun was at 8:30, which is quite civilized for a Biltmore race. Race organization was good, with everything pre-race from issuing chips and tent placements to the separate start lines well thought out. The weather was also cooperative: low 60s and overcast. The course started and ended on the farm road, but was mostly single track (and, to this road refugee, pretty gnarly single track at times). But, the course was well marked with readily visible colored ribbon, and largely well monitored. I found this to be an interesting, and pretty challenging, run. Recommended.


Click-> here to access interactive results at

Results of the Southcliff Black & Blue 2.6 Mile Trail Race – September 13, 2014 – Fairview NC

Southcliff Black & Blue

Southcliff Black & Blue

Congratulations to Javan Lapp and CJ Graham as winners of the male and female divisions respectively. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Javan LappAsheville NCM2619:33.97:31/M
2Bryan WhiteAsheville NCM3322:23.08:37/M
3David TaylorAsheville NCM2923:26.89:01/M
4Hudson KochMills River NCM1323:41.59:07/M
5Brandon HorneAsheville NCM3423:45.89:08/M
6Skeet BurtonAsheville NCM4926:14.810:05/M
7Cj GrahamSwannanoa NCF1326:36.610:14/M
8Tim FloraAsheville NCM4626:55.010:21/M
9Joe ComptonFairview NCM4727:03.810:24/M
10Erin HovendonHendersonville NCF1027:35.010:37/M
11John HovendonHendersonville NCM4627:35.410:37/M
12George MrazFairview NCM5328:28.610:57/M
13Lisa KiebzakAsheville NCF5129:05.811:11/M
14Meg PigmanAsheville NCF3430:21.511:40/M
15Adrienne KramerAsheville NCF4830:54.411:53/M
16Brantley ComptonFairview NCF1330:59.511:55/M
17Kaitlyn RoyAsheville NCF2231:24.912:05/M
18Isaac JohnsonFairview NCM3732:30.212:30/M
19Wyatt SkidmoreMills River NCM3033:59.913:04/M
20Heather RoyAsheville NCF2534:08.913:08/M
21Christian BoehmAsheville NCM6534:10.413:08/M
22Jason LeatherwoodWaynesville NCM4034:22.713:13/M
23Scott BoroffWaynesville NCM5035:23.713:37/M
24Lindsey SkidmoreMills River NCF2736:37.914:05/M
25Niki DuffAsheville NCF2036:47.914:09/M
26Kelly PadgettNorth Wilkesboro NCF4436:49.114:10/M
27Sarah SmithSummerfield FLF2036:51.614:10/M
28Charles McFallsFairview NCM6837:10.814:18/M
29Elizabeth FranksAsheville NCF3439:53.715:20/M
30Amanda JohnsonNorth Wilkesboro NCF3640:58.615:45/M
31Tara RoyAsheville NCF4541:18.315:53/M
32Tammy FerrisAsheville NCF5342:16.416:15/M
33Lori RitterAsheville NCF4042:54.116:30/M
34Hannah AdkisonLangley SCF2345:39.717:33/M
35Robert PadgettNorth Wilkesboro NCM3946:21.017:50/M
36Gavin BlackburnCanton NCM1447:43.318:21/M
37Heidi KelleyCanton NCF1647:46.418:22/M
38David BlackburnCanton NCM4257:17.522:02/M
39Malena BlackburnCanton NCF4557:18.922:02/M

Results of the Southcliff Black & Blue 6.5 Mile Trail Race – September 13, 2014 – Fairvew NC

Southcliff Black & Blue

Southcliff Black & Blue

Congratulations to Josey Weaver and Emily Egelhoff-Whalen as winners of the male and female divisions respectively. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Josey WeaverWeaverville NCM2450:26.17:46/M
2Rob WilderLandrum SCM5251:21.57:54/M
3Mark LedyardAsheville NCM4852:41.78:06/M
4Shawn BagleyArden NCM3653:25.58:13/M
5Craig LancasterHendersonville NCM3056:26.98:41/M
6Emily Egelhoff-WhalenAsheville NCF2256:39.08:43/M
7Norman FarrisAsheville NCM6457:07.18:47/M
8Ginna ReidAsheville NCF3657:52.38:54/M
9Jt WagnerAsheville NCM3358:02.38:56/M
10Ben FithianHendersonville NCM2759:34.39:10/M
11Laura SteppColumbia SCF481:03:50.59:49/M
12John ShermanAsheville NCM511:04:08.39:52/M
13Marc JacksonLittle Switzerland NCM441:04:13.69:53/M
14Donavan McFallsCharlotte NCM371:04:30.69:55/M
15Jeff LongwayLexington SCM551:05:11.310:02/M
16Gerald CottonAsheville NCM491:05:41.810:06/M
17Anna PigmanAsheville NCF321:05:56.110:09/M
18Molly PitmanArden NCF261:06:26.510:13/M
19Noah CarlsonAsheville NCM261:08:09.110:29/M
20Catherine CokerAsheville NCF241:08:43.110:34/M
21Sarah RuthenburgAsheville NCF261:09:27.210:41/M
22Brian JohnsonNorth Wilkesboro NCM361:09:34.210:42/M
23Ike WheelessAsheville NCM341:09:56.910:46/M
24Patrick HarperAsheville NCM321:10:09.810:48/M
25Richard BockAsheville NCM541:11:35.111:01/M
26Rebecca ChaplinBarnardsville NCF351:12:14.511:07/M
27Elizabeth HankleyFairview NCF481:12:26.211:09/M
28Sealy ChipleyAsheville NCF271:13:22.011:17/M
29Theresa RuggieroAsheville NCF251:13:24.811:18/M
30Joel FineSwannanoa NCM671:13:29.711:18/M
31David GeorgeZirconia NCM441:16:29.311:46/M
32Shaunna FoellNashville TNF251:16:53.911:50/M
33Amanda BowmanArden NCF281:17:42.611:57/M
34Latisha Cannon-DirholdMarion NCF391:19:31.712:14/M
35Matthew GilbertUnicoi TNM401:23:21.612:49/M
36Mary AndreaeFletcher NCF431:23:22.612:50/M
37Florence KrupnickAsheville NCF481:23:34.612:51/M
38Christy JohnsonWaynesville NCF391:23:42.612:53/M
39Roxanne PopeCanton NCF331:23:51.012:54/M
40Erin McKeeFairview NCF231:25:41.113:11/M
41Sonya LeonardAsheville NCF371:27:39.813:29/M
42Carrie MareshBlack Mountain NCF281:28:06.813:33/M
43Jennifer WoodAsheville NCF341:28:12.213:34/M
44Michelle WoodyFairview NCF361:28:18.313:35/M
45Keith BullittAsheville NCM521:31:46.214:07/M
46Debbie LecroyAsheville NCF501:32:14.014:11/M
47Charley CoxAsheville NCF391:40:29.715:28/M
48Michelle HallamAsheville NCF361:40:29.915:28/M

Results of the Run for Autism 5k – September 13, 2014 – Asheville NC

Run for Autism 5k

Run for Autism 5k

Turnout for this race was down by 40% compared to last year from 277 finishers to 165. Congratulations to David Short and Stephanie Wallace as winners of the male and female divisions respectively. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1David ShortAsheville NcM3020:486:42
2Lincoln CrosseAsheville NcM5521:286:55
3Chad LedfordSpruce Pine NcM3122:187:11
4Joe WatsonAsheville NcM4822:227:12
5Cliff CowanFlat Rock NcM2722:347:16
6Bryson YoungAsheville NcM2922:507:21
7Henry KlesiusAsheville NcM1422:517:22
8Joe BarrettAsheville NcM5222:517:22
9Zak FisherM1923:237:32
10Stephanie WallaceAsheville NcF3523:257:32
11Nino EspinozaWaynesville NcM1823:267:33
12Crustyn OlenickNcF3323:387:37
13Michele VillalobosAsheville NcF3123:397:37
14Laura NorrisAsheville NcF4223:447:39
15Rebecca VinesAsheville NcF3423:507:41
16Todd HokeHendersonville NcM4524:007:44
17Mark FriedriechsenAsheville NcM4424:047:45
18Jake JohnsonFletcher NcM1624:057:46
19Eli ColeAsheville NcM1524:237:51
20Ellen SeagleHendersonville NcF3924:307:53
21Vaughn SmithCandler NcM5324:327:54
22John TreleavenCandler NcM6224:528:00
23Jared RennieAsheville NcM2825:028:04
24Karl HinterkopfAsheville NcM3825:058:05
25Katherine WilsonAsheville NcF3625:068:05
26Matthew DavenportAsheville NcM2925:088:06
27Philip LingleAsheville NcM4225:318:13
28David MaidaFletcher NcM4225:578:22
29Lucas RileyBarnardsville NcM2025:588:22
30Eileen SchaefferAsheville NcF2326:168:28
31Peter IveyLeicester NcM2926:218:29
32Jake FurigayArden NcM1326:368:34
33Jay CapodiferroAsheville NcM4326:418:36
34Brian CanningHendersonville NcM4226:458:37
35Kelly SchuenemanFairview NcF4626:478:38
36Jonathan WilliamsGreen Moutnain NcM1826:538:40
37David WilliamsWeaverville NcM2426:548:40
38Ivy CookClyde NcF1226:548:40
39Janet BensleyArden NcF6126:558:40
40Troy SmithHolly Springs NcM4026:588:41
41Kyle RitterAsheville NcM4627:038:43
42Shaun GroatAsheville NcM3427:068:44
43Olivia AganAsheville NcF927:268:50
44Ronilo TellesEtowah NcM4327:278:50
45Emily SevierArden NcF3727:308:51
46Crystal EdwardsAsheville NcF2827:358:53
47Dylon JohnsonFletcher NcM2027:428:55
48Tim HeadForest City NcM4827:559:00
49Tina RiceMarshall NcF3828:109:04
50Rick HebertBiltmore Lake NcM6228:169:06
51Amy HobbsSwannanoa NcF5328:249:09
52Shea SmithAsheville NcM2828:249:09
53Jerry WilkinsCandler NcM5428:269:09
54Sherry StonemanWeaverville NcF3928:349:12
55Andrew DixonAsheville NcM2428:349:12
56Joe HollenbackAsheville NcM2528:359:12
57Lars BalckAsheville NcM6928:519:17
58Giddeon WhiteAsheville NcM3328:519:17
59Colt TaylorBlack Mountain NcM1528:569:19
60Ellie ShownAsheville NcF2328:569:19
61Ian Smith No Age GivenM9928:579:19
62Debbie BakerFletcher NcF4629:009:21
63Wynn EllingerAsheville NcM5029:149:25
64Joy PonderMars Hill NcF4229:149:25
65Hannah PinkertonAsheville NcF2529:159:25
66Alex SwendsenFletcher NcM2429:229:28
67Chase BakerFletcher NcM1529:319:30
68Jon BlalockAlexander NcM3429:339:31
69Tom ChampagneAsheville NcM5229:399:33
70Kathy StahlyAsheville NcF6429:579:39
71Daryl EasonFletcher NcM4130:039:41
72Roger GosnellAsheville NcM6330:069:42
73Elizabeth CallahanAsheville NcF3930:169:45
74Deena FahyCary NcF4030:369:51
75Charlotte RiddleHendersonville NcF4430:419:53
76Hannah ChristophBryson NcF2030:569:58
77Tony SeagleHendersonville NcM4031:0710:01
78Danny MillerCanton NcM5531:1010:02
79Sabrina ThomasAsheville NcF4531:1010:02
80Karis RobertsAsheville NcF2531:2310:07
81Benita AugeWeaverville NcF6631:2910:08
82Krista WhiteAsheville NcF3531:3210:09
83Colleen WallaceAsheville NcF3031:3510:10
84Joel CallahanHendersonville NcM4531:4010:12
85Amy CecilAsheville NcF2931:4310:13
86Katie FriedriechsenAsheville NcF3331:4510:14
87Dawn CottonAsheville NcF4431:4610:14
88Allen StevensonEasley ScM6931:4810:14
89Tina SmithCandler NcF4631:5510:17
90Yee KaoCullowhee NcM3331:5610:17
91Rebecca LongBoone NcF1931:5810:18
92Hannah HribarBoone NcF2132:3610:30
93Roger SchultzAsheville NcM2332:3810:31
94Kristy BarlowAsheville NcF3432:4010:31
95Cassi SorrellAsheville NcF2132:4210:32
96Connie GunterAsheville NcF5533:1710:43
97Per LarsenAsheville NcM6733:2010:44
98Jake MaidaFletcher NcM1533:2910:47
99Ava YurchakBlack Mountain NcF1133:3810:50
100Jason VarneyKnoxville TnM3333:4010:50
101Jessica VarneyKnoxville TnF3133:4310:51
102Cythera WilkersonAsheville NcF3033:4610:52
103Rita HensleyMars Hill NcF5133:4710:53
104Emilie WilliamsBiltmore Lake NcF3133:4910:53
105Adam MeierAsheville NcM4333:5310:55
106Kristopher LepageAsheville NcM1533:5310:55
107Frank Wright Need AgeSavannah GaM9934:2311:04
108Mary EulerAsheville NcF4634:3411:08
109Emily LaceyAsheville NcF2934:3511:08
110Keith HoekMarshall NcM3434:4211:11
111Steve AganAsheville NcM4134:4511:11
112Kimberly BaxterBryson NcF4734:4711:12
113Caroline LongHendersonville NcF4634:4811:12
114Chris PinaldiAsheville NcF3534:4811:12
115Kristie GraingerCandler NcF3334:5411:14
116Becky HockenberryBoiling Springs ScF4034:5911:16
117Danielle Whitlow Need AgeCampobello ScF9935:0011:16
118David SlobodinAsheville NcM7535:0211:17
119Sophie NelsonFairview NcF1235:0611:18
120Namdev DagamHendersonville NcM3935:0611:18
121John SheltonWeaverville NcM4335:1911:22
122Jamie WilliamsBiltmore Lake NcM3436:1411:40
123Ed HockenberryBoiling Springs ScM4736:3511:47
124John BuddyAsheville NcM1036:4411:50
125Lauren PowellAsheville NcF2736:4911:51
126Wes OgdenAsheville NcM3637:0211:55
127Linda IauchBrevard NcF6437:0411:56
128Madi GriffithWeaverville NcF1837:1512:00
129Tyler KilpatrickAsheville NcF2637:2412:03
130Michael LepageAsheville NcM3837:3812:07
131Gina Chesnut Need AgeLandrum ScF9937:4712:10
132Katie WestWeaverville NcF2837:5212:12
133Kathryn MclaneAsheville NcF2338:2012:21
134Kay ColeLeicester NcF5139:1912:39
135April DavisCandler NcF2639:3112:43
136Mary SchreckWeaverville NcF3339:4112:47
137Carl SchreckWeaverville NcM3339:4212:47
138Kate SchuelerAsheville NcF2539:5012:50
139Debra SigmonOld Fort NcF4840:1812:59
140Rebecca HallYork ScF2440:4013:06
141Heather HillBlack Mountain NcF2940:4213:06
142Sean SakatosAsheville NcF2640:4713:08
143Cassie SchuelerAsheville NcF2540:5313:10
144Marijane FoxBarnardsville NcF5641:0213:13
145Erica KilpatrickHendersonville NcF2941:0513:14
146Sydney BakerFletcher NcF1141:1113:16
147Teresa WheelerAsheville NcF4643:1813:57
148Kathy YurchakBlack Mountain NcF1943:1813:57
149Haley CatolsterBlack Mountain NcF1743:1913:57
150Rickie BakerWeaverville NcM3943:4814:06
151Gail LepageAsheville NcF3844:1714:16
152Jennifer StevensBlack Mountain NcF4345:5814:48
153Lewis WillsAsheville NcM7147:4915:24
154Katie WillsAsheville NcF6648:5015:44
155Larry FincherAsheville NcM8049:5816:05
156Jesse WillsAsheville NcM3351:0316:26
157Martha MarshallAsheville NcF6951:3316:36
158Ryan BoblettArden NcM2553:0017:04
159Glenna Gray Need AgeCanton NcF9953:4517:18
160Freeman PoarchAsheville NcM1755:0217:43
161Dave GriffelM2355:3317:53
162Annette MasonDenton NcF5457:1618:26
163Margot BuddyAsheville NcF659:5719:18
164Brooks BuddyAsheville NcF4459:5819:18
165Deanna BakerWeaverville NcF441:01:1019:42

Southcliff Black & Blue 6.5 Mile + 2.6 Mile Trail Race – September 13, 2014 – Fairview NC

Southcliff Black & Blue

Southcliff Black & Blue

All proceed benefit Brother Wolf Animal Shelter.

A local cult classic, especially among the mud-slinging, puddle-stomping, hill-climbing trail monsters around the area. This race is one of my favorites – I’ve done the ‘Black’ race 5 or 6 times. I won’t be doing the ‘Black’ race this year since I’m on the uphill slope of recovery from a leg injury that I incurred in a race at approximately 6:21 AM on June 7, 2014. I might come out for the ‘Blue’ race, but I won’t be setting any personal records.

The ‘Black’ race is 6.5-ish miles. Uphill (and I mean UPHILL) for 3 miles or so and then, as they say, it’s all (pretty much) downhill. About a mile on paved road, then 2.5 miles or so switchback trails, then gravel road and trails. I can’t speak too much for the ‘Blue’ race which is 2.6-ish miles, but it’s a similar mix of surfaces.

The venue and amenities can’t be beat. Southcliff is a great place for a race and the event features some of the best post race food you’ll find (and beer).


The Black race starts at 9 AM and the Blue race starts at 9:05. Online registration at imAthlete.

Run/Walk for Autism 5k – September 13, 2014 – Asheville NC

Run for Autism 5k

Run for Autism 5k

A great race for a great cause and a challenging course. One of the toughest, if not THE toughest pavement 5k in WNC.


We appreciate your support and participation! Regardless of age or ability, you will have a great time while supporting a worthy cause! The 9th annual WNC Run/Walk for Autism will include:

  • USATF-certified 5K competitive and noncompetitive race
  • Recreational 1K run/walk
  • Lots of fun for families throughout the morning!
  • Musical entertainment
  • Fun Zone
  • Refreshments
  • Resource fair with a variety of businesses, service providers, and local support resources showcasing products and services


View Larger Map


For registration and information, visit the race website.

Local runner Peggy Glanz runs the Tjejmilen 10k – September 6, 2014 – Stockholm Sweden

Tjejmilen 10k September 6, 2014

Tjejmilen 10k September 6, 2014

When I was at the Sourwood 5k in Black Mountain last month I was chatting with my friend and local runner Peggy Glanz and she told me that she was running the Tjejmilen 10k in Stockholm, Sweden in September. She has done this race before and was looking forward to doing it again.


Tjejmilen is Sweden’s largest sports event for women. The 31st edition of Tjejmilen, which takes place on Saturday 6 September, has a total of 33,087 participants.


In an e-mail that Peggy sent to several other local runners Peggy reported that the conditions were hot and challenging, making it tougher than in the past. I looked at the results and Peggy finished 16,055 out of more than 33,000 participants! Congratulation Peggy.

Jumpin’ for Java 5k – September 27, 2014 – Black Mountain, NC

Jumpin' for Java 5k

Jumpin’ for Java 5k

A nice, new fall race in downtown Black Mountain. This is a USATF sanctioned event and timing will be managed by Right on Time Productions. All runners will receive a Sport-Tek tee and reusable runners bag. There will be prizes for male and female best overall and age categories.


We are excited to announce the 1st annual 5k, family fun run, and coffee festival. The 5k will start at 10 AM with timed results and prizes in various ages groups. The family fun run will start at 10:05 AM. After the race, stick around to try house specialties from various coffee shops throughout the area at the coffee festival.

If you love coffee, you’ll want to jump for java! Every runner will educate a child for a month! Proceeds benefit Coffee For Education.


We are looking forward to a great event! If you have an questions, feel free to e-mail Kelly at kellymarie @ or call (724)683-8638.

Parking: Available parking in the public parking lots and and on the street. All parking in Black Mountian is free.

Open Registration: 9:00- 9:45 am

Check-in: If you are already registered, check-in will be between 9:00- 9:45am.

Race times: 5k starts at 10:00 am and the Fun Run starts at 10:05 am.

Prizes: Best time in the following age groups and best time overall will be awarded. (13 and younger; 14- 19; 20- 29; 30-39; 40-49; 50- 59; 60 and older.)


Black Mountain Ale House
117 Cherry St
Black Mountain NC

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Online registration is available at Run Signup. For more information, visit the race website and check out the race Facebook page.

Hot Chocolate 10k – January 24, 2015 – Asheville NC

Hot Chocolate 10k January 24, 2015

Hot Chocolate 10k January 24, 2015

Registration is now open with a discounted rate of $32.50 through September 28. Register at Race Roster.


One of the most popular races in Western North Carolina, voted best foot race 10k and under in the Mountain Xpress Best of Competition, returns for its eighth consecutive running. I’ve only missed the race once and race its inaugural running in January of 2008 and look forward to it once again less than five months from now. Get on board and register early – you’ll save big – between now and September 28 registration for the 10k is just $32.50.


Welcome to the Asheville Hot Chocolate 10K, Kids Hill Climb and Marshmallow Dash, a race to benefit the non-profit Isaac Dickson Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Enjoy Asheville’s flattest 10K followed by a steaming cup (or two!) of hot cocoa for a tasty post-race treat. This event is chip timed by Right on Time Productions and long sleeve t-shirts are guaranteed to all 10K participants. The 1K Kids Hill Climb is limited to children 12 and under (although parents can run along side for free, of course!) And the Marshmallow Dash for our 8 and under crowd! A shorter and safer event for the little ones!


Hot Chocolate 10k Course Map (click for interactive version)

Hot Chocolate 10k Course Map (click for interactive version)

This year’s course will start and finish in front of the temporary Isaac Dickson School at 90 Montford Ave. Runners will stage in the bus lane which also ends up being an awesome finish line chute as well! The course is a USATF certified 10K (NC14116DF)!

The video below was filmed on a beautiful Christmas(2013) morning, after all the presents were opened. There isn’t a snowflake in sight (or Jus’ Running sponsored mile marker) but we hope to give you a taste of how AWESOME this course really is! So, please sit back, prop your feet up, pop open a frosty Gatorade (or toasty-warm hot chocolate!) and enjoy. ~ Tim and Leslie Grotenhuis, Race Directors.


Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Click here for sponsorship packages.


For online registration and more information, visit the integrated website and registration site at Race Roster. Early, discounted registration ends September 28! Stay in touch by liking the race Facebook Page.