Black Mountain Monster 5k – 6/12/24 Hour – May 17, 2014 – Black Mountain, NC

Black Mountain Monster V2

A nice Spring race with oodles of options from 5k to ultra.


Set up your home base along the course in our beautiful wooded tent city as you prepare to take on this dynamic and exciting course. You’ll be surrounded by live music through out the day and a warm bonfire thru the night as teams and individuals compete over the course of a 5k, 6, 12, and 24 hours.

As part of the Race of Awesome series we consistently try to give back in as many ways as we can. So as part of your registration please remember to bring human food for ABCCM or dog/cat food for Brother Wolf. It’s really important to us. We only ask for 5 cans each, but if you can bring more we would love you forever . . . and ever.

DATE: Saturday May 17 – Sunday May 18, 2014.
Teams and Individuals can set up on site and/or run the course as of Friday, May 16 at 4:00pm.

The 5k Event will begin on Saturday, May 17 at 8:30am
The 6, 12, and 24 Hour Events (day) will begin on Saturday, May 17 at 10am
The 12 Hour Events (night) will begin on Saturday, May 17 at 10pm


Online registration is available at For more information, visit the race website.

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Pickin’ in the Park 5k – May 3, 2014 – Bent Creek Park – Asheville, NC

Pickin in the Park 5k

A 5k race in conjunction with an all-day hootenanny at Bent Creek Park. The 5k race starts at 3 PM.


Bent Creek Community Park is pleased to announce the 1st Annual Pickin’ in the Park at Bent Creek Community Park on May 3rd, from 1:30-9pm. The event will include a short track bike race, 5k trail run, pig picking, silent auction and raffle.

The Pickin’ in the Park 5k and short track race will encompass the trails of our 21-acre park, giving each runner the chance to fully experience the beauty of a local trail running and biking venue. The short track race will host different races throughout the day to accommodate all skill levels from beginner to pro and the 5k is open to all runners.

The pig picking will feature delicious fare from Luella’s BBQ, live music and will begin at 6pm. The silent auction is fully stocked with items, services and gift certificates from generous businesses throughout Asheville. It will last from 1:30-8 and will be followed immediately at 8 with a raffle.

All of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Bent Creek Community Park, specifically with the intention of raising funds to purchase a new commercial lawnmower to maintain park grounds. Residents of the community volunteer their time to maintain over 5 acres of green-space.


Online registration is available at For more information, visit the race website.

Results of the Run for the Paws 5k – April 13, 2014 – Fletcher Park – Fletcher, NC

Run for the Paws 5k Banner

Congratulations to Bryan White as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Val Meehan as first female. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Bryan WhiteAsheville NcM3319:51.4
2Joel JohnsonAsheville NcM4020:12.7
3Ray GillBrevard NcM3120:39.8
4Kevin KeenFletcher NcM3921:08.5
5Bill BransonBiltmore Lake NcM5521:57.4
6Wesley HalbachHendersonville NcM3423:31.6
7Nate TerpstraCandler NcM3823:45.6
8Val MeehanAsheville NcF2724:28.1
9Robert LaneHendersonville NcM6524:39.4
10Ian CageDana NcM4824:51.7
11Connor HovendonHendersonville NcM1224:56.8
12Adam DrillingsAsheville NcM2624:57.1
13Erin HovendonHendersonville NcF924:58.5
14Chris NevelHendersonville NcM4725:33.9
15Clark HarrisAsheville NcM3325:43.5
16Karl HinterkopfWeaverille NcM3825:54.9
17Kelly SchuenemanFairview NcF4526:24.7
18Brandon EitlHendersoville NcM2526:28.6
19Andrea BassettAsheville NcF3926:31.6
20Kendra RobinsonAsheville NcF2826:33.6
21Alissa HananAsheville NcF2126:35.3
22Leah MathewsCandler NcF4426:45.0
23Kyle RobinsonAsheville NcM2826:55.1
24Lloyd SlocumHendersonville NcM8126:57.1
25Page NevelHendersonville NcF1927:01.7
26Ryan ErxlebenArden NcM2627:02.5
27Casey JacksonAsheville NcF3827:12.5
28April MartinAsheville NcF3527:14.7
29Lauren GriffinHendersonville NcF3027:18.3
30Olivia AganAsheville NcF927:18.7
31Jessica JohnstonAsheville NcF3127:26.2
32Adam PlummerAsheville NcM3527:29.9
33Dave BroadwayBurnsville NcM6027:31.5
34Steven ManfredAsheville NcM5727:37.7
35Vince HowellAsheville NcM5027:47.7
36John HovendonHendersonville NcM4627:58.6
37Kirsten CutlerFletcher NcF2928:08.3
38Christina WarmerdamMills River NcF4628:12.5
39Gail FoxAsheville NcF4128:16.3
40Cameron WalkerAsheville NcF3728:26.5
41Jola CordellAsheville NcF3528:43.5
42Sherry StonemanWeaverville NcF3928:46.8
43Dave BaylisCandler NcM3528:53.5
44Marlene ClevengerHendersonville NcF4328:58.5
45Trish FrancisBurnsville NcF5829:09.4
46Bailey BadgleyHickory NcF2429:09.9
47Kevin RobertsAhseville NcM2429:37.7
48Steve AganAsheville NcM4129:39.6
49Julie WunderAsheville NcF3429:41.3
50Miles HeywoodFletcher NcM2229:47.3
51Brian MathewsCandler NcM4529:53.6
52Glen HigdonFletcher NcM4429:57.1
53Julia MartinBlack Mountain NcF1130:00.6
54Sonia KayFletcher NcF2930:06.2
55Mia MuellerAsheville NcF1630:08.4
56Krista DesimoniAsheville NcF3030:10.2
57Kelly ElliottHendersonville NcF4430:15.6
58David MoneyAsheville NcM1430:18.1
59Debbie JohnsonAsheville NcF3930:18.1
60Lori BagwellFletcher NcF3230:18.3
61Carrie BarisAsheville NcF3630:27.4
62Stephanie JustusArden NcF2830:27.5
63Karen ManfredAsheville NcF4930:28.0
64Emily ConklinAsheville NcF3130:43.3
65Michael MartinBlack Mountain NcM5030:49.0
66Jason GriffinHendersonville NcM3130:56.5
67Natalie PayneAsheville NcF3631:12.4
68Chris MulchayAsheville NcM3331:29.9
69Robert DanielRutherfordton NcM4531:33.7
70Richard ClarkeAsheville NcM2631:37.3
71Quinn McmullanAsheville NcM1131:37.5
72Neil BeytaghCandler NcM2831:47.6
73Doug ScottAsheville NcM7132:02.2
74Rick JohnsonAsheville NcM6332:12.0
75Julie BlandaArden NcF3632:14.4
76Gala RiceBrevard NcF4732:16.3
77Mindy SmithAsheville NcF2732:22.2
78Hannah SampleCandler NcF1532:26.0
79Daniel SanchezArden NcM2232:28.2
80Holly HughesAsheville NcF2332:36.0
81Julie KoflerFletcher NcF2032:43.0
82Devorah HolanArden NcF4232:43.1
83Marsha RuppardBanner Elk NcF4532:45.6
84Randy HunterHendersonville NcM5133:27.7
85Jeff DavisWeaverville NcM4333:29.7
86Amy NicholsonFairview NcF4733:41.6
87Hollis MckeownAsheville NcF3533:47.1
88Kayla WarmerdamMills River NcF2533:50.8
89Butch BassettAsheville NcM4233:54.5
90Esther HallockAsheville NcF2933:56.9
91Amber DowlingAsheville NcF3133:57.0
92Julie LockeHorse Shoe NcF2834:00.3
93Christine FellrathFairview NcF5034:00.4
94Tom LawsGreer ScM5034:00.5
95Dairlyn CheletteLawrenceville GaF034:01.0
96Allie BoyleAsheville NcF2734:04.4
97Sara LittleAsheville NcF3234:04.5
98Janet GuptillHendersonville NcF5034:06.5
99Julie QuinnMars Hill NcF3034:08.1
100Mae MuellerAsheville NcF1034:08.6
101Ann-Marie BreenAsheville NcF4434:12.2
102Lori ReimerFletcher NcF5034:15.9
103Joseph MickeyFletcher NcM3534:18.1
104Lynn RayArden NcF5034:29.1
105Mary WyattWaynesville NcF2934:29.5
106Maggie BellRutherfordton NcF3534:42.6
107Jennifer HovendonHendersonville NcF4534:46.7
108Trina RhyneArden NcF4234:56.7
109Michael WadeAsheville NcM2734:58.2
110Candace DavisAsheville NcF3135:00.6
111Alex RhyneArden NcM4235:02.5
112Jacqueline ByrdCullowhee NcF2935:02.7
113Sarah LaliberteCandler NcF3135:04.4
114Rachael MacaroBlack Mountain NcF2535:12.2
115Julia MooreBlack Mountain NcF5035:17.5
116Philip HolanArden NcM4735:18.0
117Joi KeenFletcher NcF4035:26.2
118Eric CaldwellAsheville NcM3735:32.0
119Jacqueline StognerAsheville NcF2635:33.8
120Rose Freer-LancasterAsheville NcF2735:37.7
121Dana RobersonAsheville NcF3135:44.7
122Deborah MangumShelby NcF5135:51.2
123Trish ShandAsheville NcF3335:52.4
124Becky WuerzerHendersonville NcF5435:54.7
125Anola AlabdoAsheville NcF3635:55.0
126Holly HeadrickArden NcF3535:55.1
127Sara BlannAsheville NcF3435:55.2
128Tessa HeadrickHendersonville NcF2935:56.3
129Matthew MimsFlat Rock NcM4235:56.7
130Janet CaspersonArden NcF3535:58.4
131Marci WoodardShelby NcF4536:06.8
132Rowan McmullanAsheville NcM936:15.8
133Kattie StevensAsheville NcF1136:17.9
134Jessica LombardiAsheville NcF2836:22.2
135Katie BlantonAsheville NcF3536:29.6
136Reagan L KornegayAsheville NcF3636:33.3
137Nick PadgettCandler NcM936:46.8
138Stephen SchmeiserFairview NcM7136:52.9
139Elizabeth WilliamsAsheville NcF3336:56.8
140Jackie GraeberWaynesville NcF4737:04.2
141Thomas HunterHendersonville NcM4337:07.9
142Diane EzrolLeicester NcF5637:13.4
143Jen HardinAsheville NcF3137:16.1
144Martha TurpinAsheville NcF2237:17.4
145Heather HughesAsheville NcF2938:19.0
146Samantha BroughtonWeaverville NcF2638:24.1
147Alanna SmithAsheville NcF3338:26.8
148Sandra KoflerFletcher NcF2538:46.5
149Sarah FuquaAsheville NcF3038:49.2
150Melinda JohnsonGreer ScF5338:56.5
151Beth StangHendersonville NcF3539:02.0
152Jesse SamuelsWeaverville NcF5039:19.5
153Kerry LeitnerAsheville NcF3239:25.3
154Megan BurrowsArden NcF2439:33.3
155Isabelle ErneAsheville NcF1239:38.9
156Marilyn CortesAsheville NcF3039:45.2
157Robert MillerHendersonville NcM5839:48.6
158Sandy LindseyAsheville NcF6439:58.4
159Cass PerlinsAsheville NcF3540:13.7
160Nichola KindtAsheville NcM3540:13.9
161Rylie StoneAsheville NcF4540:15.0
162Andie PeartMarietta GaF2940:17.1
163Rachel HuehlsAsheville NcF3440:17.7
164Sierra Weil ChickCandler NcF1440:52.5
165Lindsay SagerAsheville NcF2340:59.9
166Sara SagerMorganton NcF2041:00.3
167Meredith LenellFletcher NcF6641:06.4
168Jamee LaughterFletcher NcF3841:17.5
169Megan WardHendersonville NcF3641:25.1
170Nicole KreigerAsheville NcF3641:34.8
171Larry MimsHendersonville NcM6241:48.3
172Kaytee DeanJohnson City TnF3241:49.9
173Katherine KendallAsheville NcF2441:57.7
174Emily SpiesHendersonville NcF2741:59.8
175A Abby MooreArden NcF5342:28.7
176Randy SherlockFairview NcM3743:12.9
177Brianne HamiltonFairview NcF3443:13.5
178Emmarita GoldenAsheville NcF2943:17.5
179Jayne CarpenterAsheville NcF2943:17.7
180Rachel HyattMills River NcF1843:34.7
181Audrey HaganAsheville NcF3543:52.3
182Tony ZelnaCary NcF2443:56.3
183Dyani SeymourAsheville NcF3743:56.4
184Gary WaddingtonAsheville NcM043:58.1
185Laura MasonFletcher NcF3344:02.0
186Heaather HallAsheville NcF2844:24.8
187Amanda CookAsheville NcF3144:24.9
188Jessica ManuelFletcher NcF2844:48.5
189Lynde MickeyFletcher NcF3745:01.6
190Ashleigh BrownHendersonville NcF2945:09.8
191Austin NolandFletcher NcM945:32.8
192Hope PratherHendersonville NcF4845:50.5
193Patricia PhillipsArden NcF4446:25.1
194Amy HuntsmanAsheville NcF3646:26.8
195Angela SneedShelby NcF5447:35.2
196Julie TrappSilver Spring MdF6947:53.3
197Terry ClossonAsheville NcF5847:58.0
198Regina HoilmamRoan Mountain TnF4148:40.0
199Leslie BarbeeAsheville NcF3149:20.5
200Tracy SuhrenAsheville NcF3249:21.4
201Dorinda BallBlack Mountain NcF1249:34.4
202Isabella LopezWeaverville NcF949:45.7
203Sheila MullCanton NcF3849:46.0
204Glenna GrayCanton NcF5350:21.3
205Caleb ReimerFletcher NcM1650:41.3
206Nelda PhillipsBurnsville NcF4751:06.9
207Amy Van VlackHendersonville NcF3551:20.3
208Tory SchmitzAsheville NcF6651:23.2
209Jewey WalkerFletcher NcF5151:35.9
210Douglas WalkerFletcher NcM5252:01.2
211Rob JohnsonHendersonville NcM3752:08.8
212Ashley ArringtonAsheville NcF3552:34.9
213Janice SefcikAsheville NcF6453:28.7
214Barbara BinderAsheville NcF7153:30.1
215Cassy ScottAsheville NcF2553:36.1
216Michelle O'BrienWeaverville NcF5953:36.3
217Laura EsmondArden NcF2353:38.4
218Holly MimsHendersonville NcF6154:08.9
219Unknown Partic. 350M55:11.0
220Katy MontgomeryMountain Home NcF3355:47.2
221Tressie SargeantNorth Wilkesboro NcF3455:47.8
222Gail StonemanWeaverville NcF6656:28.5
223Deborah JohnsonAsheville NcF6256:30.3
224Katie BoschAsheville NcF2757:37.7
225Meredith MedfordAsheville NcF2957:38.2
226Barbara GibsonBrevard NcF711:04:06.7
227Adrienne FranklinKnoxville TnF371:06:12.1
228Diane RobinsonAsheville NcF361:06:12.7
229Lynette ThackerFletcher NcF321:06:16.0
230Priscilla HillBlack Mountain NcF601:08:16.7
231Katie McmullenSwannanoa NcF271:08:18.3

Result of the Care Partners Spring Fling 5k – April 13, 2014 – Carrier Park – Asheville, NC

Care Partners Health Services

Congratulations to my good friend Joe Watson as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Sarah Shapiro as first female. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Joe WatsonAsheville NcM4720:56.46:44/M
2Solomon SolidoCandler NcM1123:46.37:39/M
3Ike WheelessAsheville NcM3323:50.27:40/M
4Sarah ShapiroWeaverville NcF1424:54.18:00/M
5Maggie DonahueAsheville NcF3925:35.38:14/M
6Doug BrownAsheville NcM5025:50.48:18/M
7Mike LewisMills River NcM4526:20.38:28/M
8Stone ShapiroWeaverville NcM1026:31.58:32/M
9Chad GriffinAsheville NcM3726:38.58:34/M
10Brandon CarrollCumberland Gap TnM3227:02.48:42/M
11Dylan MolisWeaverville NcM1027:08.58:43/M
12Edgardo DiezM5227:16.38:46/M
13John LangloisAsheville NcM5727:22.38:48/M
14Michelle McglothlinAsheville NcF4127:28.38:50/M
15Sajal ChaliseAsheville NcM3127:36.08:52/M
16Kimberly JohnsonArden NcF3127:37.78:53/M
17David BaileyAsheville NcM5927:59.99:00/M
18Colin HunnicuttWeaverville NcM1028:08.59:03/M
19Natalie ChapinMars Hill NcF2528:08.89:03/M
20Melissa LeroySaluda NcF3828:12.09:04/M
21Jamie HunnicuttWeaverville NcF3728:15.89:05/M
22Kimberly RoeAsheville NcF4228:29.29:10/M
23Daniel SabioAsheville NcM2528:46.69:15/M
24Leigh AngelFletcher NcF3328:53.69:17/M
25Robin SmithAsheville NcM5528:59.79:19/M
26Chris ChapinMars Hill NcM2729:13.49:24/M
27Joe ErneAsheville NcM4029:35.99:31/M
28Zachary ManleyLeicester NcM2529:53.39:37/M
29Jackson CallowaySwannanoa NcM1730:08.39:41/M
30Matt SpoonAsheville NcM2830:16.49:44/M
31Renee GriffinMars Hill NcF3330:16.79:44/M
32Deanna BuchananBlack Mountain NcF4930:31.59:49/M
33Steve SolanaAsheville NcM3831:15.710:03/M
34Will ShiversAsheville NcM3931:16.310:03/M
35Jeannette HamptonSwannanoa NcF4531:55.910:16/M
36Gary WiseCandler NcM6832:03.910:18/M
37Jennifer WilsonFletcher NcF4132:05.710:19/M
38Will RedmonCandler NcM1432:12.910:21/M
39Emily WilkinsRutherfordton NcF2232:19.210:23/M
40Carolyn SnipesAsheville NcF4332:30.010:27/M
41Susan CalisonAsheville NcF4132:43.610:31/M
42Jeff ScoltockAsheville NcM4432:43.910:31/M
43Bobby MetzgerAsheville NcM3433:34.410:48/M
44Annette WiseAsheville NcF5433:36.510:48/M
45Sandra WiseAsheville NcF7033:37.010:49/M
46Mia KingLeicester NcF834:06.310:58/M
47Sandra GreyAsheville NcF4934:07.210:58/M
48Ella KingLeicester NcF734:07.310:58/M
49Kevin KingAlexander NcM4434:07.910:58/M
50Amy RenigarWeaverville NcF3734:09.410:59/M
51Bridget KingAlexander NcF4234:14.511:00/M
52Jessica McmurrayFlat Rock NcF2934:48.811:11/M
53Nathaniel BraswellAlexander NcM935:01.311:16/M
54Shawn BennettAsheville NcF4335:59.211:34/M
55Caleb McpetersM936:27.211:43/M
56Stephanie DuncanMarshall NcF4536:28.311:44/M
57Dayna LewisMills River NcF4236:38.511:47/M
58Wendy CadyFairview NcF4336:38.611:47/M
59Adam HensleyM2936:54.511:52/M
60Jessie WhitakerAsheville NcF3837:01.611:54/M
61Emma KingLeicester NcF1337:33.012:04/M
62Chloe GriffinAsheville NcF1237:33.312:04/M
63Kim EricsonMills River NcF5637:36.512:05/M
64Ellis StroudFletcher NcF5037:43.412:08/M
65Michelle CarterBlack Mountain NcF3539:20.712:39/M
66Eric LangloisAsheville NcM2239:25.012:40/M
67Hope GriffinCandler NcF2839:36.112:44/M
68Maddie MetzerAlexander NcF1139:42.412:46/M
69Elijah FreeseAsheville NcM1039:55.212:50/M
70Bettina FreeseAsheville NcF4539:55.612:50/M
71Trevor StahlMooresville NcM1440:29.913:01/M
72Candace WolfeAsheville NcF5541:41.813:24/M
73Marie LangloisAsheville NcF6141:52.113:28/M
74Tamara MolisWeaverville NcF3843:10.913:53/M
75Jordan MolisWeaverville NcF843:11.413:53/M
76Gail BrownAsheville NcF4844:20.614:15/M
77Rosie QuigleyAsheville NcF3545:02.314:29/M
78Kate MosherAsheville NcF3145:06.214:30/M
79Katherine StahlMooresville NcF1046:53.515:05/M
80Diana StahlMooresville NcF4146:55.015:05/M
81Jennifer HesterFariview NcF3947:44.015:21/M
82Joy ThomasAsheville NcF3947:46.715:22/M
83Brian StahlMooresville NcM4047:47.215:22/M
84Kathy JonesWeaverville NcF4448:14.715:31/M
85Elisabeth BockletAsheville NcF4549:26.715:54/M
86Kari ManleyLeicester NcF2649:48.216:01/M
87Tracy BuchananAsheville NcF4851:26.616:32/M

Results of the Cork Screw 5k – April 12, 2014 – Blowing Rock, NC

Cork Screw 5k

Congratulations to Peyton Hoyal as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Chaney Poston as first female. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

Click Here for Wine Lovers age groups.

Click here for Wine Free age groups.

1Peyton HoyalM250:17:035:29/M
2Matt CampbellMatthews NcM230:20:256:34/M
3Chaney PostonBoone NcF230:21:527:02/M
4William WarrenLenoir NcM410:21:597:04/M
5Gary BarbariRaleigh NcM550:22:077:07/M
6David AnagosM510:22:467:19/M
7Tim SwansonHickory NcM320:22:507:21/M
8Reinhard ScheumannBerlin GerM560:23:157:29/M
9Savannah NohrBlowing Rock NcF190:24:387:55/M
10Robert PoertnerRoanokeM600:25:598:21/M
11Wiley SpeckmannBlowing Rock NcM120:25:598:21/M
12Stella ColeF150:26:158:26/M
13Dale FellowsSugar Grove NcM280:26:178:27/M
14James ClawsonBlowing Rock NcM240:26:518:38/M
15Participant 241M00:26:588:40/M
16Taylor GuptonAsheville NcF250:27:018:41/M
17Mark MasonBlowing Rock NcM440:27:118:44/M
18Kit BooneBoone NcM620:27:228:48/M
19Lorrie BryantWilmington NcF390:27:248:48/M
20Mike JonesWilmington NcM490:27:258:49/M
21Sandy AbbeyMatthews NcF490:27:258:49/M
22Gwen ButlerHickory NcF500:27:288:50/M
23Casie SchusterVilas NcF340:27:388:53/M
24Greg HillVilas NcM390:27:418:54/M
25Todd Van OsdolLenoir NcM450:28:019:01/M
26Constance SwansonHickory NcF300:28:349:11/M
27Allison WestF440:28:439:14/M
28Melissa WalshHickory NcF350:28:489:15/M
29Connie KendrickMatthews NcF510:28:559:18/M
30Lauren SwensonTampa FlF310:29:019:19/M
31Nathan SwensonTampa FlM320:29:029:20/M
32Charlene HutchensMorganton NcF360:29:299:29/M
33Madison SmithCary NcF230:29:309:29/M
34Gabriel CrumleyCary NcM240:29:309:29/M
35Claudia MarcantonioHarrisburg NcF220:30:019:39/M
36Terri BuchananGranite Falls NcF460:30:029:39/M
37Cheryl GockeBoone NcF550:30:049:40/M
38Warren KeyserSugar Grove NcM430:30:069:41/M
39Phil CurleyNorth Wilkesboro NM620:30:139:43/M
40Toni PerroneCharlotte NcF550:30:169:44/M
41Sharon CurleyNorth Wilkesboro NF550:30:179:44/M
42Kevin WalkerBoone NcM500:30:249:46/M
43Colin MaddenM500:30:299:48/M
44Leila JacksonBoone NcF350:30:389:51/M
45Lindsay SuttonBoone NcF310:30:389:51/M
46Meredith LedfordBlowing Rock NcF340:30:429:52/M
47Kimberly ElmoreGreenville ScF400:30:489:54/M
48Scott BrownGreenville ScM520:30:499:55/M
49Jim LandisBoone NcM470:30:529:55/M
50Heather LandisBoone NcF390:30:539:56/M
51Christy PruessBoone NcF420:30:569:57/M
52Grace StrangeElk Park NcF510:31:029:59/M
53Joyce PharrGlen Alpine NcF680:31:0510:00/M
54Marsha RuppardBanner Elk NcF450:31:0910:01/M
55Scott JohnsonHickory NcM490:31:1910:04/M
56Dawn YountTaylorsville NcF420:31:2410:06/M
57Amy DawsonTaylorsville NcF430:31:2510:06/M
58Lisa BooneF510:31:5310:15/M
59Brenda SpeckmannBlowing Rock NcF460:32:0110:18/M
60Michael ForemanFleetwood NcM430:32:0310:18/M
61Katie ZellDeep Gap NcF320:32:0410:19/M
62Peter ZellRaleigh NcM580:32:0610:19/M
63Allyson LaneBoone NcF210:32:3210:28/M
64Brett ClementSugar Grove NcF430:32:4610:32/M
65Alex ScheurerBlowing Rock NcF130:32:5110:33/M
66Richard ScheurerBlowing Rock NcM460:32:5310:34/M
67Dana RaveicaHickory NcF260:33:1210:41/M
68Melissa BooneBoone NcF260:33:1410:41/M
69Adam BooneBoone NcM290:33:1510:41/M
70Maegen SweatCharlotte NcF250:33:3010:46/M
71Virginia ErwinMorganton NcF290:33:3210:47/M
72Christy WatsonOak Ridge41218F0:33:58
73Kim CoffeySugar Grove NcF420:34:1411:00/M
74Tonya TuckerIron Station NcF440:34:3211:06/M
75Martha HardawayBoone NcF420:34:3411:07/M
76Peter DortonCharlotte NcM500:34:4311:09/M
77Shelley TarbuttonBoone NcF580:35:0111:16/M
78Chasse Bailey-DortonCharlotte NcF510:35:3211:26/M
79Vanessa BrumfieldBoone NcF390:36:0011:35/M
80Katie HodgesBoone NcF230:36:0211:35/M
81Gill HawkesBoone NcM220:36:0311:35/M
82Sonya GoliniBlowing Rock NcF470:36:0811:37/M
83Luisa RaveicaHickory NcF320:36:2611:43/M
84Hannah McgarryBoone NcF220:36:3211:45/M
85Bailey KinsmanBoone NcF220:36:3511:45/M
86Sara MorrisonBoone NcF220:36:3611:46/M
87Melissa BryantBoone NcF340:36:3611:46/M
88Kelsey FullerBoone NcF220:36:3711:46/M
89Deb HaaseExcelsior MnF650:36:4711:49/M
90Harley HaaseExcelsior MnM670:36:4811:50/M
91Kristin WileSugar Grove NcF270:36:5311:52/M
92Ken ThompsonSugar Grove NcM390:36:5511:52/M
93Amy JewellBlowing Rock NcF380:36:5811:53/M
94Amanda YatesLeicester NcF250:37:0111:54/M
95Adam CranstonLeicester NcM280:37:0211:54/M
96Rebecca WinklerGranite Falls NcF290:37:1511:59/M
97Steve HelmsClover ScM660:37:2312:01/M
98Justin HorsleyLexington ScM300:37:2812:03/M
99Vanessa HorsleyLexington ScF280:37:3512:05/M
100Daphne FridayGastonia NcF580:37:3712:06/M
101Deborah MarcantonioHarrisburg NcF560:37:4212:07/M
102Brandon WatsonOak RidgeM370:37:4212:07/M
103Chad MillerNorth Wilkesboro NM280:37:4412:08/M
104Deborah PostonAlblemarle NcF540:38:1612:18/M
105James JessupPilot Mountain NcM430:38:2512:21/M
106Emily EdwardsGreensboro NcF230:39:0312:33/M
107Brett GreenBoone NcM240:39:0412:34/M
108Nina CloaningerCharlotte NcF580:39:2712:41/M
109Maya ElliottCharlotte NcF140:39:4312:46/M
110Candace JohnsonHickory NcF510:40:1912:58/M
111Emma JohnsonHickory NcF150:40:2012:58/M
112John SpeckmannBlowing Rock NcM510:40:3113:02/M
113Addy KincaidBlowing Rock NcF180:41:1113:15/M
114Wendy BrickCharlotte NcF520:41:1213:15/M
115Kelsey StrykerBlowing Rock NcF210:41:2213:18/M
116Meena ElliottCharlotte NcF480:41:4213:25/M
117Martha LindseySanford NcF520:41:4413:25/M
118Diane MooreBlowing Rock NcF600:41:5113:27/M
119Walter PharrGlen Alpine NcM770:41:5313:28/M
120Amanda CampbellBoone NcF330:43:0613:51/M
121Erin RobertsWilmington NcF300:43:4214:03/M
122Jeffrey ButlerAsheboro NcM490:43:5314:06/M
123Stephanie PresleyNorth Wilkesboro NF280:44:3514:20/M
124Angel JessupPilot Mountain NcF350:44:3514:20/M
125Sophie SpeckmannBlowing Rock NcF90:44:4214:22/M
126Kelly SpockMooresville NcF440:44:4314:22/M
127S SpockMooresville NcF150:44:4514:23/M
128Cheryl MulveySpruce Pine NcF510:46:4815:03/M
129Michael WalkerAsheville NcM250:47:1515:12/M
130Sarah SwannLenior NcF240:47:2015:13/M
131Karli DempskiBoone NcF220:47:2115:14/M
132Sara FosterVilas NcF220:47:2515:14/M
133John HuffmanCharlotte NcM250:47:2615:15/M
134Troy LindseySanford NcM500:48:0015:26/M
135Trish MckeonAshland KyF510:48:2515:34/M
136Cynthia NullWillow Wood OhF540:48:2715:34/M
137Rachel PerryCharlotte NcF240:49:2515:53/M
138Villian WalkerF210:49:2815:54/M
139Mindy HillBoone NcF230:49:3015:55/M
140Marcus AbernetBoone NcM240:49:3315:56/M
141Jon MartinLenoir NcM260:49:4616:00/M
142Megan SutherlandBlowing Rock NcF260:49:4816:00/M
143Shelly RussellCreston NcF450:49:5716:03/M
144Melissa GardnerRoan Mountain TnF410:49:5716:04/M
145Rodney MillsapsElizabethton TnM540:49:5816:04/M
146Presley RonaBoone NcF190:50:1916:10/M
147Cheryl SmithIron Station NcF540:50:2316:12/M
148Eileen LamproHuntersville NcF610:50:2516:13/M
149Kelli HayesMooresville NcF310:52:0016:43/M
150Lynn BarbariRaleigh NcF560:52:0116:44/M
151Debra WindleyGastonia NcF570:53:3717:14/M
152Suzanne BachellerIndian Land ScF460:53:5317:20/M
153Jill WrightBoone NcF390:53:5617:20/M
154Joy BarkerWeaverville NcF370:53:5817:21/M
155Robert BrickCharlotte NcM530:55:2317:48/M
156Adrienne WeberKnoxville TnF310:55:5417:58/M
157Janelle LawrenceKnoxville TnF310:55:5417:58/M
158Paula HillStatesville NcF260:56:1518:05/M
159Peggy ReavesNewton NcF560:56:2318:08/M
160Kelsey ReavesNewton NcF250:56:2418:08/M
161Nancy ButlerAsheboro NcM440:58:2518:47/M
162Jeffrey ButlerAsheboro NcM490:58:2618:47/M
163Susan FromanAtlanta GaF390:58:3018:48/M
164Shane FromanAtlanta GaM370:58:3018:49/M
165Allen FromanLowell NcM650:58:3118:49/M
166Jeanne EdmonsonChesapeake VaF550:58:3118:49/M
167Carson EdmonsonChesapeake VaM620:58:3218:49/M
168Cheryl SandersMooresville NcF340:59:1819:04/M
169Amy StewartCornelius NcF570:59:2019:04/M
170Julia GreenAtlanta GaF271:00:1319:21/M
171Lyndsay MillerAtlanta GaF311:00:1319:22/M
172Kathryn WildrickCharlotte NcF401:00:3319:28/M
173Brandy JacksonBlowing Rock NcF321:00:4719:33/M
174Leigh JamesKannapolis NcF321:00:4819:33/M
175Heather ChambersMorrisville NcF251:00:5319:34/M
176Jessica BairdMorrisville NcF231:00:5319:34/M
177Robin RiddleBlowing Rock NcF521:00:5319:35/M
178Sandy RudisillStanley NcF491:00:5419:35/M
179Lora SmithAdvance NcF231:01:4919:52/M
180Amanda JacobsonBoone NcF221:01:5019:53/M
181Claudette MarcantonioHarrisburg NcF761:01:5319:54/M
182Armando MarcantonioHarrisburg NcM591:01:5519:54/M
183Susan McmickleFuquay Varina NcF441:01:5619:55/M
184Richard McmickleFuquay Varina NcM441:01:5719:55/M
185Amanda BaxleyMint Hill NcF281:01:5919:55/M
186Crystal BolesMint Hill NcF281:03:0620:17/M
187Amy VickersCharlotte NcF291:03:0620:17/M
188Randi PalmerHuntersville NcF501:03:0720:17/M
189Elizabeth SchweighartClemmons NcF211:12:5023:25/M
190Linda ThyneHuntersville NcF431:13:4023:41/M
191Angela McdowellHuntersville NcF471:13:4023:41/M
192Sarah BradyWaxhaw NcF211:17:3424:56/M
193Sandra BrownBlowing Rock NcF651:17:3424:56/M
194Sandra MoretzBoone NcF511:17:3424:56/M

Results of the Fiddlin’ 5k – April 12, 2014 – Mars Hill, NC

2014 Mars Hill Fiddlin 5k

Congratulations to Noah Allison as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Natasha Shipman as first female. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Noah AllisonMarshall NcM1717:225:36
2Ollie EhlingerKensington CaM2817:445:43
3Matt YoungDavis CaM2618:015:48
4Natasha ShipmanSwannanoa NcF3418:566:06
5Mike ZerressenBrevard NcM5319:186:13
6Joe WatsonAsheville NcM4720:066:28
7Don MctaggartMarshall NcM1520:426:40
8Thiago DualibyWesthampton NcM2520:566:45
9Lincoln CrosseAsheville NcM5521:076:48
10Rachel PaarAsheville NcF4722:047:07
11Parker HamelWeaverville NcM1422:257:13
12William PooserAsheville NcM1022:567:23
13Nick FurgiueleAtlanta GaM3423:067:26
14Andrew MolloWeaverville NcM4323:307:34
15Juatiana DualibyMars Hill NcF2224:267:52
16Anthony MckinneyMarshall NcM3624:447:58
17Tim ForrestAsheville NcM5724:548:01
18Brandon BucknerMars Hill NcM3425:088:06
19Natalya WeinsteinAsheville NcF3225:238:11
20Emily ReasonMarshall NcF3325:268:11
21Rene DervaesMars Hill NcM4325:478:18
22Eric VailLawrence KsM3526:078:25
23Amanda VailLawrence KsF3426:078:25
24Sheila MullCanton NcF3826:228:29
25Emerald LauzonJohnson City TnF2426:258:30
26Richard PlyerMars Hill NcM5526:288:31
27Becca HaleWeaverville NcF3926:398:35
28Anna WoodruffMarshall NcF3326:508:38
29Vaughn RowleyAsheville NcM3126:538:39
30Jim GoodeAsheville NcM5926:568:40
31Jackie RowleyAsheville NcF2927:008:42
32Sherry StonemanWeaverville NcF3927:088:44
33Emily PettitCandler NcF1627:128:46
34Heather HawnAsheville NcF4327:188:48
35Linda BlockLeicester NcF5127:248:50
36Ken FridleyTuscaloosa AlM5127:288:51
37Clark HarrisAsheville NcM3327:338:52
38Timothy BramleyAsheville NcM3127:378:54
39Jonathan MuraskiJohnson City TnM3227:458:56
40Mark SomerBurnsville NcM4827:558:59
41Abby PesentiWeaverville NcF3027:589:00
42Michael PesantAsheville NcM3228:089:04
43Tosha MossAsheville NcF3128:239:09
44Peggy EmoryBlack Mountain NcF5628:359:12
45James EllerAlexander NcM3128:419:14
46Betsy BramleyAsheville NcF2828:439:15
47Pete LauzonBristol VaM5728:449:15
48Matt LeiboldBarnardsville NcM4228:449:15
49Jake KressWeaverville NcM2628:479:16
50Genna HarrisAsheville NcF2828:559:19
51Kimberly HamelWeaverville NcF4629:109:23
52Joy PonderMars Hill NcF4129:159:25
53Terry WellsAsheville NcF4329:599:39
54Terry RobertsAsheville NcM5730:059:41
55Thomas AscikAsheville NcM6430:119:43
56Jaime MckeeAsheville NcF3530:329:50
57Carol MotsingerAsheville NcF2930:329:50
58Steve RotenAsheville NcM4630:359:51
59Collin MooreAsheville NcM1130:399:52
60Jason CrowderBarnardsville NcM3730:409:53
61Bridget LeiboldBarnardsville NcF3731:1510:04
62Tim DonovanMars Hill NcM5131:1510:04
63Lora MolloWeaverville NcF3931:2210:06
64Leslie DonovanMars Hill NcF5231:2610:07
65Holly BaumgartnerAsheville NcF4131:4410:13
66Jessie DeanAsheville NcF3331:4410:13
67Richard MollandMarshall NcM6231:4710:14
68Deanna BuchananBlack Mountain NcF4931:5010:15
69Sarah BeasleyWeaverville NcF3432:4210:32
70Christopher StocktonMarshall NcM3033:2210:45
71Patty LauzonBristol VaF6033:3210:48
72Kristin WorthWeaverville NcF2733:4310:51
73Haeley BakerMatthews NcF1934:0710:59
74John MaccallumAsheville NcM7034:4211:11
75Lara MckinnisAsheville NcF3734:4211:11
76Elizabeth SudderthHorse Shoe NcF4534:4311:11
77Virginia HunterFairview NcF2734:4711:12
78Camden MooreAsheville NcM835:1711:22
79Judy FutchMars Hill NcF6335:4511:31
80Julie FurdynaAsheville NcF4935:5011:32
81Philip OsborneMillers Creek NcM5735:5911:35
82Jade CressAsheville NcF3736:2111:42
83Samantha CooperWinston-Salem NcF1936:2211:43
84Amy JohnsonBarnardsville NcF3236:5011:52
85Smith PaulMars Hill NcM6637:1011:58
86Michael MossAsheville NcM3537:2712:04
87Rita HensleyMarshall NcF5037:4712:10
88Tom PlantWeaverville NcM7638:3212:24
89Susan StigallWeaverville NcF5139:1312:38
90April HubbardWilmington NcF3439:3712:45
91Christian BoehmAsheville NcM6539:3712:45
92Beth SalmonClayton NcF5039:4412:48
93Mateo Santander MartinezMarshall NcM940:1412:57
94Greg FeightnerBlack Mountain NcM3440:2012:59
95Tamara FeightnerBlack Mountain NcF3440:2213:00
96Lynn OsborneMillers Creek NcF5540:3113:03
97Alexandra MuraskiJohnson City TnF2540:5013:09
98Linda HunterMarshall NcF5940:5913:12
99Trey AdcockMarshall NcM3541:4313:26
100Christina TorresMars Hill NcF3143:1513:56
101Rebecca ChaplinBarnardsville NcF3543:1513:56
102Sharon BowersGreeneville TnF5543:2914:00
103Alice SprouseGreeneville TnF5443:3014:00
104Regan DervaesMars Hill NcF4144:4414:24
105Liz DoupWeaverville NcF6546:3314:59
106Teresa ArringtonMars Hill NcF9949:0915:50
107Jeremy GrangerMaggie Valley NcM3749:2415:54
108Kriss SandsMars Hill NcM7550:1816:12
109Layla RamseyMars Hill NcF650:3316:17
110Lorelai RamseyMars Hill NcF850:3316:17
111Jeremy RamseyMars Hill NcM4350:3416:17
112Eli MorganLeicester NcM2551:1216:29
113Kinsey MorganLeicester NcF2551:1316:29
114Mitzi PearsonMars Hill NcF5152:2516:53
115Scott PearsonMars Hill NcM9952:2516:53
116Nicole ScarlettBlack Mountain NcF2253:0917:07
117Leslie WessingerMaggie Valley NcF3553:1017:07
118Amber DownsArden NcF2253:1217:08
119Meghan GrastyWaynesville NcF2553:1717:09
120Amy CongdonHendersonville NcF3853:3317:14
121Ginny PenleyAlexander NcF5153:3317:15
122Andy BisellAsheville NcM2956:5218:19
123Tara SteinbackAsheville NcF3756:5318:19
124Rodney C. SuttonMarshall NcM6356:5718:20
125Janet MohrWeaverville NcF5758:4318:54
126Cynthia ThomasBurnsville NcF5258:4718:56
127Lisa MorrisMars Hill NcF4758:4718:56
128Megan NorthcoteAsheville NcF2459:0119:00
129Melanie NorthcoteGreensboro NcF6059:0319:01
130Teresa HammackMars Hill NcF611:00:3919:32
131Shannon JordanMartinez GaF411:00:3919:32

Results of the Valley of the Lilies Half Marathon and 5k – April 5, 2014 – Cullowhee, NC

Valley of the Lilies Logo

2014 Valley of the Lilies Overall Results -> HERE

2014 Valley of the Lilies Age Group Results ->HERE

Fit Families 5k – May 17, 2014 – Burnsville, NC

Fit Families 5k Logo

A nice 5k in Burnsville.


Enjoy a scenic and challenging USATF certified course (USATF #10001MS) through Burnsville. Students under 18 can participate for free! Awards given to top overall finishers and top finishers in each age category.

5K starts at 3:00 PM at Burnsville Town Square. T-shirts are guaranteed to pre-regsitered participants. Packet pick up and race day registration will be at the First Baptist Church (11 Town Square) and begins at 2:15 PM. Parking & restrooms are available at the church as well. Participants should be aware of traffic while running and walking the course – running buddies are encouraged for all kids that are participating.



Online registration is available at Or, you may download a Fit Families 5K Entry Form. For more information, visit the race website.

Cherokee Mother’s Day 5k – May 10, 2014 – Cherokee, NC

Welcome to Cherokee North Carolina


Hosted by Cherokee Choices, this year’s 5K run offers something for everyone, from seasoned runners to new runners and walkers, too! Come out and enjoy a beautiful course that starts and finishes at the Acquoni Expo Center (formerly Cherokee High School). Cool shirts, great awards, and a great cause: all proceeds benefit the Cherokee Dialysis Support Group. 12 Noon start. Day of race registration will be available until 11:30 AM.



Online registration is available at Run Sign Up.