Race Roundup – May 3rd and 4th 2014

May 3 and 4 Race Roundup

What a big weekend! There are plenty of racing options in the area on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday there’s the gorgeous New River Marathon/Half and 5k in Todd, NC (near Boone), the PB&J 5k in Hendersonville, the Pickin’ in the Park 5k in Asheville (afternoon) and the Flying Eagle 5k in Sylva. On Sunday there are three choices – the Falafel 5k with its nice North Asheville/Grove Park course, the Bearwallow Beast 5k Trail Race with its challenging uphill course and fabulous festival at the top of Bearwallow Mountain and the Pisgah Running Adventure.

So there are no excuses, runners. If you’re not committed yet, pick one. Or maybe two.

Results of the Greening up the Mountains 5k – April 26, 2014 – Sylva, NC

Greening Up the Mountains 5k Logo

Congratulations to Evan Grant as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Devon Smith as first female.

Click here for results, courtesy of Race Odyssey Events.

Vote Carolina Runner for Mountain Xpress Best of WNC 2014

Mountainx Best of WNC

It’s that time of year – voting for the Mountain Xpress Best of WNC. There’s a category under “Media” for “Best Local Blog.” Carolina Runner is in a niche and there are other, better know local blogs that cover a broader spectrum of interest to the general population and not just us runners. But if Carolina Runner is your favorite local blog, please take a few minutes and VOTE.


Dennis Duffy

Chance to win a Free Entry – Run for the Dream Half Marathon and 8k – May 31/June 1 2014 – Williamsburg, VA

Run for the Dream

This looks like a great race for a great cause and I have the opportunity to give one free race entry away to the winner of a Carolina Runner drawing. The half marathon is on Sunday June 1 and the 8k is on Saturday May 31. Williamsburg is a great place for a getaway weekend so if you’re interested, complete the form below and I’ll pick the winner at random at 3 PM on Friday May 2.


Proceeds from the Run for the Dream benefit An Achievable Dream, a nationally recognized K-12 school that is breaking the cycle of poverty through education, and Wounded Warriors programs that assist the severely wounded members of the armed forces.

“This is an exciting time for An Achievable Dream with the expansion of our program to Virginia Beach in 2014,” said Kathy Edwards, interim president. “As we are growing, staff resources are needed in other capacities. We know that the race is in good hands and will continue to be a success.”


More information and registration are available at the race website.

Results of the Legacy Run 5k – April 26, 2014 – Brevard, NC

Legacy Run 15k and 5k

279 runners completed the Legacy Run 5k this morning. Results courtesy of Precision Race. Following are links to PDF results:

Legacy Run 5k Overall

Legacy Run 5k Age Groups

Results of the Legacy Run 15k – April 26, 2014 – Brevard, NC

Legacy Run 15k and 5k

48 runners completed the Legacy Run 15k this morning. Results courtesy of Precision Race. Following are links to PDF results:

Legacy Run 15k Overall

Legacy Run 15k Age Groups

Results of the Run for Holland 5k – April 26, 2014 – Spruce Pine, NC

Run-For-Holland Logo

Impressive turnout for this inaugural race for a very important cause.

Congratulations to Zach Boone as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Jessica Alley as first female. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions. Results are also available at the race website.

1Zach BooneBakersvilleM1715:435:04
2Chass ArmstrongAshevilleM2616:045:11
3Dennis GilfillonBanner ElkM2818:055:49
4Matthew HitechewNewland NcM3218:215:55
5Alex CruzSpruce PineM1918:315:58
6Eliseo SanchezSpruce PineM2918:446:02
7William LemieuxFort Bragg NcM2718:556:06
8Jessica AlleyNew Castle VaF2419:356:18
9Jerod SchellSpruce Pine NcM2820:006:27
10Joe WatsonAshevilleM4720:066:29
11Zan SistarSpruce Pine NcM5620:486:42
12Dalton HughesSpruce Pine NcM2021:106:49
13Marc JacksonBurnsville NcM4421:156:51
14Chad LedfordSpruce Pine NcM3121:356:57
15Dylan ShieldsBoone NcM1921:437:00
16Caleb BaityBoone NcM2021:437:00
17Michael FortnerBakersville NcM2222:127:09
18Bryson YoungAsheville NcF2922:147:10
19Jordan BurlesonKernersville NcM2922:557:23
20David SillmanSpruce Pine NcM2223:037:26
21Amelia GreenVirginia Bch VaF2423:047:26
22Tony MckinneySpruce PineM3023:067:26
23Dwayne BallewBurnsville NcM4223:107:28
24Cody RowePineville NcM2823:117:28
25H-J FousertSpruce PineM2623:187:30
26Molly PitmanArden NcF2623:207:31
27Corey RunyonSpruce Pine NcM3823:217:31
28Jason HallSpruce Pine NcM2623:377:36
29Josh DobsonNeboM3223:447:39
30Joshua SullinsSpruce Pine NcM2623:597:43
31Benny PelrozaSpruce PineM1924:157:49
32Joe HollifieldSpruce Pine NcM3624:297:53
33Danica HuskinsSpruce Pine NcF2124:317:54
34Jason SpakeHickory NcM3925:018:03
35Lee RuleBurnsvilleM3425:098:06
36Dakota TehandonSpruce Pine NcM1225:158:08
37Jessie MillerBooneM3125:188:09
38Chasity PittmanSpruce PineF3325:228:10
39Jeremiah JohnsonColfax NcM3125:438:17
40Gary PittmanSpruce PineM5325:498:19
41Mandy BallewBurnsville NcF3825:508:19
42Nate LippsPlumtreeM9925:558:21
43Ken SausedoAsheville NcM5226:058:24
44Sarah PierceCharlotte NcF2726:098:25
45Brittany MckinneyBakersville NcF2826:318:32
46James OwingsSpruce Pine NcM5326:398:35
47Laine SchellSpruce Pine NcF2826:438:36
48Amber RoweMarion NcF2926:468:37
49Brinkley PhillipsBakersville NcF2126:478:38
50Karen JacksonSantee ScF4426:528:39
51Jeffery PollandCrossmoreM3326:528:39
52Daniel WoodardBurnsville NcM3926:548:40
53Israel GibsonSpruce Pine NcM3426:578:41
54Sherry StonemanWeaverville NcF3926:598:41
55Jody HoyleSpruce Pine NcM3827:028:42
56Sam HoltsclawFuquay Varina NcM2727:058:43
57Heidi McneillStatesville NcF2827:128:46
58Jennifer GeisCharlotteF2727:138:46
59Jonathan GeisCharlotteM2727:148:46
60David MartinezSpruce Pine NcM1927:148:46
61Adam KeathSpruce Pine NcM3027:168:47
62Latisha Cannon-DirholdMarion NcF3827:168:47
63Danny StahlGreenville NcM2727:188:48
64Brittany DohertyHickory NcF2827:198:48
65Adrian BoltzBoone NcM2027:228:49
66Simone MackSpartanburg ScF3227:258:50
67Ted McentireSpruce Pine NcM4427:298:51
68Robert WoodySpruce Pine NcM2827:378:54
69Buffy HensonRutherfordton NcF3827:438:56
70Rod HughesSpruce Pine NcM4727:438:56
71Luke DellingerBooneM2627:538:59
72Rebecca RowePineville NcF2828:029:02
73Joe HudsonDavidsonM2828:079:03
74Scott RogersBurnsville NcM3328:129:05
75Brandon BurlesonBakersville NcM2728:169:06
76Melissa MccurryBurnsville NcF4428:179:07
77Fred LemieuxSpruce Pine NcM6528:229:08
78Eric HuskeySpruce Pine NcM4928:269:10
79Samantha FortnerBakersville NcF1428:289:10
80Brandon YoungBakersville NcM3328:309:11
81Whitney WilliamsCrossnore NcF2528:309:11
82Jonathan WilliamsCrossnore NcM2728:309:11
83Lori MccourryBurnsville NcF2928:329:11
84Amanda YatesLeicester NcF2528:389:13
85Nancy BurlesonSpruce Pine NcF6528:419:14
86Christian MallatereSpruce Pine NcM1628:449:15
87Corey RobinsonGreen Mountain NcF4128:539:18
88Roxanne HughesDurham NcF2528:569:19
89Brooke BurlesonSpruce Pine NcF3229:009:20
90Adam BurlesonSpruce Pine NcM2629:029:21
91Becky PateBakersville NcF5329:199:26
92Richard RogersEllenboroM4229:229:27
93Greg TownsendSpruce Pine NcM4429:249:28
94Donna CanipeSpruce Pine NcF5529:359:32
95Brandi MuellerStatesville NcF3129:409:33
96Dawn McmahanSpruce Pjne NcF4329:419:34
97Ashley ThorntonMarion NcF3429:449:34
98Jack HuskinsBurnsville NcM3429:469:35
99Troy HoilmanSpruce PineM9929:509:36
100Stephen GriffithFletcher NcM2929:589:39
101Gracey YoungBakersville NcF1330:059:41
102Deanna BuchananBlack Mountain NcF5030:069:42
103David ReedWeaverville NcM3230:129:44
104Keely TaylorBurnsville NcF730:139:44
105Cortney TaylorBurnsville NcF3030:139:44
106Zackary MasonSpruce Pine NcM2430:179:45
107Margie MasonSpruce Pine NcF2630:189:45
108Joseph AntinoriBurnsvilleM4830:229:47
109Brittany WilliamsSpruce Pine NcF2830:259:48
110Alexis BoverSpruce PineF1630:319:50
111Heather BurlesonTroutman NcF3030:329:50
112Lucas PitmanArden NcM2630:389:52
113Samantha YeltonBakersville NcF3030:489:55
114Benny VarneySpruce PineM5431:0310:00
115Hannah HoyleSpruce Pine NcF1331:1710:04
116Caroline BuchananSpruce Pine NcF4531:1710:04
117John SproxascoBooneM4431:2910:08
118Breanna ToneySpruce Pine NcF2231:2910:08
119Meghan CresawnSpruce Pine NcF2831:4010:12
120Hannah PierceTroutman NcF3031:4210:13
121April HillBurnsville NcF4931:5110:15
122Jenni PhillipsSpruce Pine NcF2431:5610:17
123Morgan HallSpruce Pine NcF2632:0310:19
124Emily HyatteBakersville NcF2932:0410:20
125Tess GrindstaffMarion NcF3032:3310:29
126Hal HarrisonSpruce Pine NcM6132:3410:29
127Sarah HughesSpruce Pine NcF4732:5510:36
128Steve HallSpruce Pine NcM5932:5610:36
129Luke YoungEllenboro NcM732:5610:36
130Kenneth Edward'SBakersville NcM4633:1310:42
131Sierra OwingsSpruce Pine NcF1933:1610:43
132Tim CallowayJonesboroughM2433:1910:44
133Sarah HitechewNewland NcF3333:2710:46
134Jacqueline ByrdCullowhee NcF2933:3010:47
135Christopher DeytonSpruce Pine NcM3733:3310:48
136Rita HensleyMars Hill NcF5033:3710:49
137Monica CameronBurnsville NcF4333:3810:50
138Noah KochBoone NcM1933:3910:50
139Evan KritesBoone NcM2133:4410:52
140Julianna MillsWest Columbia ScF1333:4610:53
141Kayla BoggsPlumtree NcF2434:0911:00
142Judith SaasSpruce Pine NcF3034:1111:01
143Jennifer GibsonSpruce Pine NcF3734:1411:01
144Donna WoodySpruce Pine NcF3434:1611:02
145Kaite CallahanSpruce Pine NcF5434:2811:06
146Kara WoodySpruce Pine NcF2434:2911:06
147Justin HollifieldSpruce Pine NcM3334:3711:09
148Haley CrispCanton NcF3134:4311:11
149Janelle HollifieldSpruce Pine NcF2934:4411:11
150Lisa CarsonSpruce PineF1135:0411:17
151Megan ChandlerSpruce PineF2535:0411:17
152Tammy HedrickSpruce Pine NcF4135:1811:22
153Kelly DuncanSpruce Pine NcF3035:1811:22
154Joe GlennSpruce Pine NcM4535:2911:26
155Kevin HughesSpruce Pine NcM2535:3111:26
156Ashley CrowderSpruce Pine NcF2235:3111:26
157Brittany HowellMarion NcF2935:4511:31
158Sheena WoodyGreen Mountain NcF3035:4711:32
159Debbie CrowderSpruce Pine NcF4935:5311:33
160Tammy WoodSpruce Pine NcF5536:0111:36
161Deborah OwingsSpruce Pine NcF5036:0311:37
162Steve CerconeBurnsville NcM4836:1811:41
163Michelle LordBakersville NcF4136:2711:44
164Nellie FousertSpruce PineF5236:4211:49
165Lily BenfieldSpruce Pine NcF936:5111:52
166Jason MclottSpruce Pine NcM3236:5311:53
167Sona WebbSpruce Pine NcF3637:0011:55
168Courtney MauzyLittle Switzerland NcM7437:1111:58
169Selena BooneMarion NcF4137:1912:01
170Cassi PhillipsSpruce Pine NcF1537:2112:02
171Mitchell AllenSpruce Pine NcM4537:2112:02
172Wendy AllenSpruce Pine NcF4137:2112:02
173Sandy PhillipsSpruce Pine NcF4237:2412:02
174Cindy RoweMarion NcF4937:4712:10
175Samantha MckinneySpruce Pine NcF3038:0112:15
176David McgeeHendersonville NcM3338:0412:16
177Lola WernkeHendersonville NcF1138:0412:16
178Peggy MooreJohnson City TnF5038:1412:19
179Sarah GarlandBakersville NcF2938:4012:27
180Jennier BanksMarionF4239:3712:45
181John VanceSpruce Pine NcM4839:5812:52
182Dee Medford-BakerSpruce Pine NcF3739:5812:52
183Holly HoilmamSpruce PineF2640:5913:12
184Leslie PollardCrossmoreF9941:2113:19
185Ashley CarpenterNewlandF9941:2213:19
186Lindsey CanipeSpruce Pine NcF2641:3113:22
187Debra DellingerSpruce PineF5141:4013:25
188Vonetta ButlerBakersville NcF5441:4213:26
189Ashley CodyWeaverville NcF2642:1013:35
190Victoria GraciaaSpruce Pine NcF3442:2613:40
191Cody LedfordSpruce Pine NcM2542:2713:40
192Maria AnglinSpruce Pine NcM2542:4113:45
193Ryan AnglinSpruce Pine NcM3142:4213:45
194Lisa BooneSpruce Pine NcF4542:4613:46
195Tara GarlandBakersville NcF3242:4613:46
196Kathryn CanipeSpruce PineF9943:1913:57
197Kim GougeSpruce Pine NcF5343:4514:05
198Brenda SparksSpruce PineF9943:4614:06
199Megan GougeSpruce Pine NcF2743:5014:07
200Melissa CerconeBurnsville NcF2443:5414:08
201Bryan HoilmanSpruce PineM2744:0714:12
202Stephanie WisemanSpruce Pine NcF4544:0714:12
203Matt ChatelainCharlotte NcM2444:2014:17
204Tamara OstlingLittle Switzerland NcF5344:3214:20
205Clint PollaardSpruce Pine NcM6444:4214:24
206Autuim HollifieldSpruce PineF1845:2914:39
207Pamela WilliamsSpruce Pine NcF6345:5814:48
208Kenny BurlesonSpruce Pine NcM5846:0114:49
209Brittany PitmanSpruce Pine NcF2546:0914:52
210Cody PitmanSpruce Pine NcM2846:1014:52
211Gail GarlandBakersville NcF2946:2714:57
212Robert DoverSpruce PineM5146:5115:05
213Lorie DoverSpruce PineF5146:5215:06
214Deborah FordSpruce Pine NcF5847:0815:11
215Gary DuncanSpruce Pine NcM6348:2015:34
216Teressa NeillBurnsvilleF4948:3415:38
217Christy DuncanBakersville NcF3748:3515:38
218Carol MckinneyBakersville NcF4648:4415:41
219Jessica DuncanBurnsville NcF1448:5415:45
220Samantha TaylorNewland NcF2648:5415:45
221Courtney MillsWest Columbia ScF3349:2715:55
222Lynda WisemanSpruce Pine NcF6249:2815:56
223Shirley SingletonSpruce Pine NcF5149:2915:56
224Elizabeth CustodeBakersville NcF5150:0316:07
225Marc CustodeBakersville NcM5350:0616:08
226Ebony OrrSpartanburg ScF3350:3816:18
227Donna GibsonSpruce Pine NcF6051:0716:27
228Cynthia HollifieldSpruce Pine NcF3151:0716:28
229Paula DuncanSpruce Pine, NcF6252:1516:50
230Carolyn ManningSpruce Pine NcF6552:1616:50
231Becky HallSpruce Pine NcF3252:1816:50
232Tory StreetJonesborough TnF2652:4116:58
233Spencer StreetJonesborough TnM2752:4216:58
234Christy GriffithFletcher NcF2552:4416:59
235Fabienne DellingerSpruce Pine NcF2952:4516:59
236Crystal ElliottMarion NcF3652:5317:02
237Mariah KeevillSpruce Pine NcF1053:5017:20
238Keila ParkerSpruce Pine NcF3953:5017:20
239Sandy ThorpeMicaville NcF5553:5517:21
240Alecia VessPenland NcF2454:0917:26
241Kayla ElkinsElk Park NcF2654:1117:27
242Michelle LaneLittle Switzerland NcF6154:1817:29
243Andy PitmanSpruce Pine NcM3454:3317:34
244Rachel HensleySpruce Pine NcF3054:3517:34
245Mary FousertSpruce PineF2854:4917:39
246Karla SmithLittle Switzerland NcF4655:3217:53
247Bo MauzyLittle Switzerland NcF7455:3317:53
248Carol EdwardsSpruce Pine NcF4756:0818:04
249Wendy DuncanBurnsville NcF4456:4118:15
250Matthew McclellanSpruce Pine NcM3056:5918:21
251Jacqueline RensinkSpruce Pine NcF5957:1018:24
252Thomas WestallSpruce Pine NcM7457:1218:25
253Teresa MusickArdenF9957:1318:25
254Amanda MccurrySpruce PineF3257:1718:27
255Connie ElkinsSpruce PineF5457:1718:27
256Heather HughesBakersville NcF2357:4018:34

Rock 2 Rock Trail Run – May 23, 2014 – Black Mountain, NC

Rock 2 Rock Trail Logo

You must do this race at least once. The disclosures are not exaggerated. I did it in 2009 and it kicked my butt. It’s a 10k-ish distance.


  • This is a technical and demanding course. A good estimate is to add about 60% on to your usual 10k time.
  • You will not be able to run the entire course.
  • There will be a single water station at the high point (Eden Rock) – roughly 3.5 miles into the course.
  • Roots, rocks, downed trees, low limbs and very steep terrain are just some of the challenges, but the rewards are some sweet single track and an unmatched view off Eden rock. You will be amazed to be only minutes from I-40 and feel so remote.
  • OA Awards and 3 deep in 10 year age groups.
  • (0-19,20-29,30-39,40-49,50-59,60-69,70+).
  • Logo hat or visor to each participant.


Online registration is available at Ultra Signup. For more information, visit the race website.

Raptors Toga 5k – May 17, 2014 – Morse Park – Lake Lure, NC


We have options throughout the year to run in some sort of costume, but here’s one with a tight theme – Toga, Toga, Toga. That’s right, grab a bed sheet and your costume is ready for the Raptors Toga 5k in Lake Lure. The race starts at 9 AM at Morse Park in Lake Lure.


View Larger Map


To register, visit the race registration page. For more information, visit the race website.

Weekend Race Roundup – April 26, 2014

2014 Race Roundup

Three area races to choose from on the last weekend in April. The Legacy Run in Brevard offers a 5k and 15k option. The 15k is a good choice for those getting ready to run the Biltmore 15k in May and/or one of the two half marathons the first weekend in June (Asheville Half Marathon and Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon). In Spruce Pine there’s the Run for Holland 5k which raises money for Down Syndrome awareness and offers cash prizes. Finally, in Sylva there’s the Greening up the Mountains 5k which is held in conjunction with the Greening up the Mountains Festival.