Results of the Valley of the Lilies Half Marathon and 5k – April 5, 2014 – Cullowhee, NC

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2014 Valley of the Lilies Overall Results -> HERE

2014 Valley of the Lilies Age Group Results ->HERE

Fit Families 5k – May 17, 2014 – Burnsville, NC

Fit Families 5k Logo

A nice 5k in Burnsville.


Enjoy a scenic and challenging USATF certified course (USATF #10001MS) through Burnsville. Students under 18 can participate for free! Awards given to top overall finishers and top finishers in each age category.

5K starts at 3:00 PM at Burnsville Town Square. T-shirts are guaranteed to pre-regsitered participants. Packet pick up and race day registration will be at the First Baptist Church (11 Town Square) and begins at 2:15 PM. Parking & restrooms are available at the church as well. Participants should be aware of traffic while running and walking the course – running buddies are encouraged for all kids that are participating.



Online registration is available at Or, you may download a Fit Families 5K Entry Form. For more information, visit the race website.

Cherokee Mother’s Day 5k – May 10, 2014 – Cherokee, NC

Welcome to Cherokee North Carolina


Hosted by Cherokee Choices, this year’s 5K run offers something for everyone, from seasoned runners to new runners and walkers, too! Come out and enjoy a beautiful course that starts and finishes at the Acquoni Expo Center (formerly Cherokee High School). Cool shirts, great awards, and a great cause: all proceeds benefit the Cherokee Dialysis Support Group. 12 Noon start. Day of race registration will be available until 11:30 AM.



Online registration is available at Run Sign Up.

Results of the Conquer a Cove 5k – April 6, 2014 – Candler, NC

Conquer a Cove Image

Congratulations to Garry Curran as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Diane Wilson as first female.

CLICK -> Here to view results in a PDF document.

Results of the Step Up for Education 5k – April 6, 2014 – Fletcher Park – Fletcher, NC

Fletcher PTO Step up for Education 5k

I decided to make it a “two-fer” weekend and went to Fletcher Park this afternoon to run my second 5k of the weekend. It was a nice turnout, lots of school children and pleasant conditions. Like many races at Fletcher Park the course featured grass, pavement and trails consisting of mulch and fine gravel. I finished second in the oldest age group of the race – the 50 – 98 year old age group.

Congratulations to Craig Lancaster as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Kristin Garrett as first female. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Craig LancasterM2919:456:22
2Phillip TaylorM3220:596:46
3Kristin GarrettF4622:067:07
4Carter CorbinM1122:137:09
5Anthony FreemanM4322:157:10
6Rubisel SanchezM1022:257:13
7Chris PorterM4422:327:16
8Jondash KaramavrucM1122:467:20
9Aliihsan KaramavrucM5322:497:21
10Kyle KershawM2423:037:26
11Darrin WhitakerM4623:207:31
12Danny BrownM3923:217:31
13Eric SchienmannM4123:247:32
14Triston NorrisM1123:307:34
15Austin SoutherM1123:357:36
16Dennis DuffyM5523:477:40
17Cecily SchienmannF1823:547:42
18Catie GrieveF2924:10:007:47
19Joey SmithM3624:15:007:49
20Zeke RiddleM924:27:007:52
21Adam RiddleM2824:28:007:53
22Susanna SmoyerF3624:42:007:57
23Dustin GrieveM2924:50:008:00
24Mark GombauM1124:54:008:01
25Mel UrbinaM3224:55:008:02
26First Name BelcherM2124:58:008:03
27Scott SheltonM4625:01:008:03
28Andreu GombauM4525:05:008:05
29Bill TaylorM5625:18:008:09
30Zachary MyersM1425:54:008:21
31Tia HowardF1125:56:008:21
32Trenton HarrisM1026:08:008:25
33Ricky BishopM4926:10:008:26
34Carol EdwardsF5626:41:008:36
35Jessica MujicaF3426:52:008:39
36Gracie MilnerF1127:54:008:59
37Addie PorterF1127:55:008:59
38Aidan LinderM927:56:009:00
39Tyson NorrisM927:56:009:00
40Mason StallingsM1428:00:009:01
41Jorge SerraM4328:17:009:07
42Lisa NorrisF3328:40:009:14
43Kilian LinderM1128:43:009:15
44Roi DeguzmanM3929:07:009:23
45Avery GouldM1029:12:009:24
46Ashe CassettaM1029:23:009:28
47Melissa PorterF4229:25:009:29
48Danielle IannucciF2829:40:009:33
49Meagan JenzenF2829:41:009:34
50Dana FlemingF3429:42:009:34
51Jessica KnoxF3430:11:009:43
52Tiffany WhitakerF4330:25:009:48
53Kendra HolbertF930:25:009:48
54Rich CassettaM4130:43:009:53
55Hank DewittM1031:08:0010:01
56Logan StokesM1031:15:0010:04
57Bryce DavidsonM831:17:0010:04
58Wilson MayoM1031:24:0010:07
59Parker DulaM1331:35:0010:10
60Ashley DowdneyF1031:36:0010:11
61Zoey ThompsonF831:36:0010:11
62Jennier TaylorM3231:37:0010:11
63Gary WiseM6831:43:0010:13
64Katie BroslleyF3231:45:0010:13
65Leanne CrossF3331:45:0010:13
66Brook MayoF3832:01:0010:19
67Toni WootenF6132:01:0010:19
68Carlen DavisF1032:04:0010:20
69Stephen RogersM4132:17:0010:24
70Sarah RogersF1032:18:0010:24
71Braeden OwensM932:28:0010:27
72Keri FunderudF1132:30:0010:28
73Steven FunderudM4032:30:0010:28
74Meghan FragaF1032:59:0010:37
75Dana AllingerF3233:19:0010:44
76Andrew WelchM933:28:0010:47
77Alexa DengosF2333:53:0010:55
78Kaiya MannF1133:56:0010:56
79Stacie KeelF3134:00:0010:57
80Melissa FeatherstoneF3834:02:0010:57
81Monica StallingsF3534:20:0011:03
82Julie HillF3934:21:0011:04
83Charles KurleM3834:44:0011:11
84Camille KurleF1034:45:0011:11
85Kayla GerlachF2334:57:0011:15
86Noah MyersM1135:05:0011:18
87Neil MyersM4335:05:0011:18
88Caren HutchinsonF4235:30:0011:26
89Wendy CutchinsF3635:44:0011:31
90Madelyn CutchinsF1035:44:0011:31
91Paige MyersF935:50:0011:32
92Randy DunsmarM3535:59:0011:35
93Alan OvertuneM1736:06:0011:37
94Suzanne LasaterF2736:07:0011:38
95Madison OverturfF936:07:0011:38
96Ben WeaverM3936:13:0011:40
97Alex ContreroM1036:35:0011:47
98Jabin DavisM1336:44:0011:50
99Aydin LippardM1036:55:0011:53
100Mark CorbinM4036:57:0011:54
101Kathleen DavisF3637:03:0011:56
102Deborah WilkinsonF5637:14:0011:59
103Bailee DavidsonF737:16:0012:00
104Abey HancockF1137:25:0012:03
105Kolleen HancockF3537:25:0012:03
106Justin YoungbloodM1037:33:0012:06
107Bill ParrisM6238:24:0012:22
108Carly DulaF1038:25:0012:22
109Shelby MillarF1138:25:0012:22
110Emily WeaverF838:30:0012:24
111Elizabeth GarrettF1039:28:0012:43
112Jessica HowardF3639:28:0012:43
113Kelson HarwoodF1040:41:0013:06
114Avery CrossM1440:45:0013:07
115Jackie DulaF4641:34:0013:23
116Raine CassettaF842:04:0013:33
117Carrie MyersF4342:17:0013:37
118Fiona AdkinsF542:23:0013:39
119Laura MarkleF3143:48:0014:06
120James DryeM3343:49:0014:06
121Claire DryeF1043:53:0014:08
122Mary CassettaF4144:17:0014:15
123Janet PraytorF5445:35:0014:41
124Randall PraytorM5445:36:0014:41
125Andrea HernandezF1045:42:0014:43
126Phoenix Shlien-DellingerF946:01:0014:49
127Rania Shlien-DellingerF4446:14:0014:53
128Katrina GerlachF2346:17:0014:54
129Carolina AlvaradoF1148:45:0015:42

Quest for the Crest 10k – May 31, 2014 – Burnsville, NC

Quest for the Crest 10k

This looks like one of those races that is based on a dare.


This is a 6.5 mile point to point trail race with 6,500 ft of elevation change!!! Pause and let that soak in…In the first 2.2 miles you have 3,100 ft of gain. You end up doing a vertical KM the first 2.5 miles of the race!

The difference between this and other vertical races is that they are on well groomed trails or ski slopes. This is on a rugged trail that involves being on all fours at times. You’ll have to climb over roots and rocks. The word switch back does not exist here. Oh yeah… you have to run back down the mountain on the other side (which is 100% runnable/wide open unlike the climb).

The climb is a HIKE and will be a HIKE for 75% of the people. You have plenty of time so not to worry! As you near the top it gets steeper. As you start to feel the 5,000-6,000 ft altitude slow you down you have to push harder. Before you know it you have topped out at close to 6,200 ft on the CREST of the Black Mountains. The Black Mountains are the HIGHEST mountain chain EAST of the Rockies. They are arguably the gnaliest as well. The weather here is unpredictable at best.


Online registration is available at Ultra Signup. For more information visit the race website.

Pictures from the Black Mountain Greenway Challenge 10k and 5k – April 5, 2014 – Pisgah Brewing – Black Mountain, NC

Greenway Challenge 10k and 5k Image

Click for pictures ->

Results of the Black Mountain Greenway Challenge 10k – April 5 2014

Greenway Challenge 10k and 5k Image


Congratulations to Craig Plunkard as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Keelin Schneider as first female. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Craig PlunkardSwannanoa NcM3936:52.85:56/M
2Daniel HenryCullowhee NcM2537:46.46:04/M
3Keelin SchneiderBlack Mountain NcF3639:14.16:18/M
4Mike JacksonAsheville NcM4539:40.56:23/M
5Jason MichaelsMills River NcM3441:09.66:37/M
6David SaulsburyBurnsville NcM1841:40.26:42/M
7Bryan WhiteAsheville NcM3342:13.06:47/M
8Ryan CarlsonBlack Mountain NcM3643:28.46:59/M
9Ashley StrobelArden NcF3143:34.27:00/M
10Marc JacksonBurnsville NcM4343:55.97:04/M
11Lincoln CrosseAsheville NcM5544:28.87:09/M
12Don GodenBrevard NcM6244:49.87:12/M
13Chris ThompsonSwannanoa NcM2147:20.17:37/M
14Jean DavidM3748:55.37:52/M
15Robert StevensButler PaM5448:59.57:53/M
16Benjamin EngebretsonAsheville NcM2549:01.47:53/M
17Chris PowerHendersonville NcM4749:11.67:54/M
18Sarah DonleyLexington ScF4849:34.27:58/M
19Elizabeth PesantAsheville NcF2849:55.58:02/M
20Jeremy KimmelAsheville NcM3750:03.28:03/M
21Kristen RipmasterFairview NcF3450:09.08:04/M
22Rhonda DevanSwannanoa NcF4350:11.18:04/M
23Kevin ScarbroughBlack Mountain NcM4150:24.18:06/M
24Laura SabatoJohnson City TnF2750:33.98:08/M
25Matthew KinneBlack Mountain NcM4151:22.68:15/M
26Beck BrunnerBlack Mountain NcF4051:24.38:16/M
27Patrick CampbellAsheville NcF2651:24.38:16/M
28Laura CampbellAsheville NcF2651:38.58:18/M
29Sheila O'ConnorF5651:40.28:18/M
30Steven MooreMarion NcM3551:40.28:18/M
31Hayley LawranceHendersonville NcF2451:57.48:21/M
32Tricia ClineburgAtlanta GaF2752:05.18:22/M
33Garry ShermanAsheville NcM6352:16.58:24/M
34John KennedyBlack Mountain NcM4352:39.58:28/M
35Matthew TracyFairview NcM4353:03.38:32/M
36Jessica BallAsheville NcF3653:14.58:34/M
37Lacy FegusonSwannanoa NcF3553:59.18:41/M
38Ashley EdwardsAsheville NcM3454:34.18:46/M
39Emily PattersonHendersonville NcF2054:49.38:49/M
40Steven KiddAsheville NcM4254:56.08:50/M
41Andy OsieckiHendersonville NcM3955:00.88:51/M
42Amy VadenAsheville NcF3255:07.28:52/M
43Amber RoweMarion NcF2955:08.78:52/M
44Chris WebsterMarion NcM3955:20.68:54/M
45Anna SaylorAsheville NcF3055:28.08:55/M
46Craig EasterlyGreeneville TnM4255:39.98:57/M
47Jeremy PeytonPisgah Forest NcM3955:40.08:57/M
48Sloan PoeBlack Mountain NcM3655:43.48:57/M
49Melissa ClineburgAtlanta GaF3155:57.49:00/M
50Tripp AndersonBlack Mountain NcM4056:14.29:02/M
51Michael FitzpatrickWyoming MiM4656:20.69:03/M
52Nadia ZeboAsheville NcF2556:21.49:04/M
53Deara BallAsheville NcF2956:22.79:04/M
54Robert ChilmonikBlack Mountain NcM6056:25.79:04/M
55Maaike MuldersCharlote NcF3157:12.89:12/M
56Jessica WilliamsAsheville NcF3557:28.39:14/M
57Shannon WilliamsAsheville NcM4157:28.49:14/M
58Kelly GriebJohnson City TnF3357:46.49:17/M
59Paige KnollSwannanoa NcF3857:48.29:18/M
60Montana FoulkeCandler NcF2757:58.09:19/M
61Anthony SchmittAsheville NcM3058:52.79:28/M
62Lindsay MoodyAsheville NcF3658:55.79:28/M
63Karen TresslerBlack Mountain NcF3759:00.59:29/M
64Jodi WygmansAsheville NcF3259:27.79:33/M
65Samantha CoakleyGreenville ScF2859:32.29:34/M
66Michael PesantAsheville NcM3259:35.79:35/M
67Willie LoweHarris NcM6559:58.59:38/M
68Katie CappsBlack Mountain NcF361:00:00.59:39/M
69Julie BlandaArden NcF361:00:04.99:39/M
70Michael DuckworthBlack Mountain NcM581:00:15.09:41/M
71Jennifer PartlowBlack Mountain NcF321:00:42.19:46/M
72Stepfanie RomineBlack Mountain NcF321:00:43.09:46/M
73Dyel SigmonBlack Mountain NcF351:00:47.69:46/M
74Camille EdmondsAsheville NcF331:00:48.19:46/M
75Sarah ReamsCandler NcF351:00:51.09:47/M
76Peggy EmoryBlack Mountain NcF561:00:53.19:47/M
77Kendra Cameron-JarvisAsheville NcF341:01:01.29:49/M
78Jenni BrysonSwannanoa NcF301:01:26.09:53/M
79Grace ScarbroughBlack Mountain NcF421:02:18.610:01/M
80Tabitha FarmerOld Fort NcF321:02:30.310:03/M
81Philip CampbellNashville TnM301:03:01.210:08/M
82Rachel WatersNashville TnF271:03:03.410:08/M
83Andrew RoseBlack Mountain NcM231:03:39.210:14/M
84Kelly DonaldsonAsheville NcM321:04:10.310:19/M
85Brandon MoffittBlack Mountain NcM361:04:10.610:19/M
86Peter CiaccioAsheville NcM571:04:21.510:21/M
87Elizabeth GillilandMarion NcF361:04:34.110:23/M
88Amy HuffmanMills River NcF331:05:19.710:30/M
89Jaime MckeeAsheville NcF351:06:45.510:44/M
90Nancy PartridgeWaynesville NcF511:08:24.511:00/M
91Megan WebsterMarion NcF341:09:02.211:06/M
92Lauren CarlisleAsheville NcF431:10:02.411:16/M
93Matt LeiboldBarnardsville NcM421:10:29.211:20/M
94Meredith KiddAsheville NcF371:10:31.311:20/M
95Bridget LeiboldBarnardsville NcF371:10:31.811:20/M
96Sean FelosaAsheville NcM341:11:12.211:27/M
97Bari FitzpatrickWyoming MiF431:11:29.011:30/M
98Giles O'DellAsheville NcM401:14:20.511:57/M
99Lora ClemAsheville NcF331:14:21.411:57/M
100Jenny LockmillerJohnson City TnF491:14:24.211:58/M
101Jennifer KnoxArden NcF321:16:59.912:23/M
102Judy FutchArden NcF631:17:52.412:31/M
103Stephanie EfflerOld Fort NcF291:18:11.912:34/M
104Abigail Helberg MoffittBlack Mountain NcF371:20:42.512:58/M
105Stephanie RolandMarion NcF281:20:44.112:59/M
106Dick NelsonJohnson City TnM571:21:00.613:01/M
107Kate PierceJohnson City TnF311:21:02.113:02/M

Results of the Black Mountain Greenway Challenge 5k – April 5, 2014

Greenway Challenge 10k and 5k Image


Congratulations to Peiweng Chen as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Rebecca Rokwell Vines as first female. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Peiweng ChenAsheville NcM3318:14.85:52/M
2Randy WilsonSwannanoa NcM5419:47.16:22/M
3Douglas ErberAsheville NcM3722:12.87:08/M
4Jamie CameronBlack Mountain NcM4222:13.97:09/M
5Mitch MullWeaverville NcM3022:18.17:10/M
6Rebecca Rokwell VinesAsheville NcF3322:35.77:16/M
7Steve HortonMorganton NcM5322:56.87:22/M
8Roger PriceBlack Mountain NcM6122:59.47:23/M
9Lisa ReidergrassAsheville NcF3123:39.97:36/M
10Spencer RoaneWeaverville NcM923:51.27:40/M
11Jon NeumannAsheville NcM3223:53.57:41/M
12John WoodArden NcM3723:55.77:41/M
13Jason RayAsheville NcM3323:59.37:43/M
14Andrew JohnesHendersonville NcM4025:02.48:03/M
15Mike VinesAsheville NcM3325:08.38:05/M
16Karl HinterkopfWeaverille NcM3825:14.08:07/M
17Blake SmithBlack Mountain NcM4125:29.98:12/M
18John OdonnellChattanooga TnM3525:34.98:13/M
19James SullivanAsheville NcM2225:55.28:20/M
20Rob CarltonCandler NcM4126:10.18:25/M
21Reid KirkpatrickBlack Mountain NcM3126:22.18:29/M
22Kimberly DrydenAsheville NcF2726:41.18:35/M
23Scott SaulsburyBrevard NcM5126:57.48:40/M
24Cinnamon KennedyBlack Mountain NcF4227:04.08:42/M
25Edward HoornstraBiltmore Lake NcM4127:44.78:55/M
26Jonathan BaileyArden NcM3527:54.58:58/M
27Bart JonesBlack Mountain NcM4428:20.09:07/M
28Alexander MiguelM2628:21.69:07/M
29Katie RogersAsheville NcF2928:29.99:10/M
30Stacie JonesBlack Mountain NcF4028:45.09:15/M
31Jessica GuffeyFlat Rock NcF3129:02.89:20/M
32Alyson SmithBlackmountain NcF3229:04.49:21/M
33Cindy KimmelAsheville NcF3629:29.29:29/M
34Marcus KimFletcher NcM2929:36.19:31/M
35Aubree PierceOld Fort NcF2629:45.29:34/M
36Linda TatspaughBlack Mountain NcF4729:57.19:38/M
37Terry SnowMorganton NcM4129:58.19:38/M
38Stephanie CraycroftAsheville NcF2530:04.39:40/M
39Lynn PiaseckiAsheville NcF3130:08.99:41/M
40Katy ClevengerAsheville NcF2830:14.19:43/M
41Carol MckeeWest Union ScF5530:18.29:45/M
42Kyle McclureMarble NcM2130:38.59:51/M
43Steven Russell BranchGreensboro NcM2331:37.310:10/M
44Ann Marie TreadawayArden NcF2931:39.110:11/M
45Crystal KellyMarion NcF3131:44.410:12/M
46Robert MajorBlack Mountain NcM3931:46.610:13/M
47Sofia EntrekinSimpsonville ScF932:00.710:17/M
48Steve EntrekinSimpsonville ScM4632:00.810:17/M
49Ashley McgheeOld Fort NcF2932:21.510:24/M
50Caroline EscobarAsheville NcF4832:25.110:25/M
51Jennifer SummersOlin NcF4232:35.010:29/M
52Becki JanesRidgecrest NcF5632:44.510:32/M
53Kimberly GreenHendersonville NcF3833:01.610:37/M
54Zach PattersonAsheville NcM2533:21.510:43/M
55Nan OstmanHendersonville NcF4033:54.610:54/M
56Hilary LaneySwannanoa NcF3234:25.111:04/M
57Beth AndersonBlack Mountain NcF4134:56.711:14/M
58Danielle McclennanAsheville NcF3535:07.511:17/M
59Laura LynchSwannanoa NcF3635:07.711:17/M
60Kate JohnesHendersonville NcF2835:38.811:27/M
61Sue ClineburgAtlanta GaF6335:43.011:29/M
62Linda ElliotGreenville ScF6335:43.211:29/M
63Summer KirkpatrickBlack Mountain NcF2736:46.011:49/M
64Cindy EntrekinSimpsonville ScF4336:46.311:49/M
65Patti JohnsonWaynesville NcF5036:48.411:50/M
66Paul SmithMars Hill NcM6637:01.311:54/M
67Debra SigmonOld Fort NcF4737:05.811:55/M
68Jessie AgeeCandler NcF2837:06.011:56/M
69Yami RiveraAsheville NcF2237:21.312:01/M
70Jennifer PeytonFleming Island FlF3137:33.312:04/M
71Paige ZieglerMarion NcF4537:34.512:05/M
72Emily O'DonnellChatannoga TnF3537:53.812:11/M
73Jackie GarrisonBlack Mountain NcF5337:57.712:12/M
74Jana BachAsheville NcF4739:08.112:35/M
75Amanda WessonAsheville NcF3439:30.712:42/M
76Lynne HaynesBlack Mountain NcF4040:39.113:04/M
77Allison HopkinsCumming GaF3642:09.113:33/M
78Stefanie MichaelsMills River NcF3045:50.614:44/M
79Pamela KimFletcher NcF4946:08.014:50/M
80Amy Van VlackHendersonville NcF3546:15.514:52/M
81Amelia JanesBlack Montain NcF5749:52.716:02/M
82Lindsay RossonAsheville NcF3651:48.716:39/M
83Carolyn JohnsonBlack Mountain NcF6353:21.817:09/M
84Joan TolleyBlackmountain NcF6853:22.017:10/M
85Helen KrausBlackmountain NcF7053:22.117:10/M
86Elaine FelderArden NcF5153:38.217:15/M
87Trysh HuntingtonAsheville NcF4756:21.018:07/M
88Alanna OnandoAsheville NcF3156:22.618:07/M

Results of the Jeff Hewitt Memorial 5k – April 5, 2014 – Cliffs at Walnut Cove – Asheville, NC

Jeff Hewitt Memorial 5k Logo

It was cool and dark when I pulled through the gate of the Cliffs at Walnut Cove. I received some vague driving directions from the guards at the gate and figured “how hard can it possibly be to find the race?” Well, I wasn’t alone. There were quite a few of us driving around and turning around while attempting to find the actual race location. Obviously we eventually found it.

We lined up for the start at 8 AM and shot across the starting line and apparently ALL OF US then took a wrong turn. After a few hundred yards we completed a circle and were heading towards the finish line hearing an announcement that we were going to stop and try this over again going in the right direction.

Now we were really ready. Start number two worked just fine and we enjoyed a nice, scenic and moderately challenging course. Congratulations to Joel Collier as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Kimzey Ellis as first female. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Joel CollierAsheville NcM3219:426:21
2Randy WilsonSwannanoa NcM5419:466:22
3Lincoln CrosseAsheville NcM5520:176:32
4Jason CarterAsheville NcM2620:186:32
5Joe BarrettAsheville NcM5221:146:50
6Gerald CottonAsheville NcM4921:226:53
7Lance MartinAsheville NcM4321:296:55
8Danny RichardsonMiami FlM2521:386:58
9Tim BaylessAsheville NcM2621:437:00
10Gregory BauernfeindArden NcM3821:547:03
11Kimzey EllisCandler NcF2522:007:05
12Philip TaylorFletcher NcM3222:217:12
13Tyler GarrettAlexander NcM2323:107:28
14Todd HokeHendersonville NcM4423:177:30
15John TreleavenCandler NcM6223:437:38
16Preston JonesMarshall NcM6224:027:44
17Victor DostrowAsheville NcM5424:137:48
18Teresa WarstlerAsheville NcF4924:237:51
19Mary WinchesterAsheville NcF4924:247:52
20Dennis DuffyAsheville NcM5524:327:54
21Christian RomingerFairview NcM2624:337:54
22Randy HughesFairview NcM5524:347:55
23Phillip ConnerSwannanoa NcM3825:408:16
24Donald O. HewittBiltmore Lake NcM7025:438:17
25Jimmy BranchCandler NcM4125:548:20
26Janet BensleyArden NcF6126:088:25
27Thomas RosfjordBiltmore Lake NcM6726:108:26
28Jerry SoesbeeHendersonville NcM3426:188:28
29Ron GriswoldPittsfield MaM6626:578:41
30Bobby BeardAsheville NcM2427:198:48
31Nick HonerkampClyde NcM4627:238:49
32Raylene MorrowBurnsville NcF5027:348:53
33Sherry StonemanWeaverville NcF3927:348:53
34Ken ShieldsWeaverville NcM4427:368:53
35Doug JohnsonAsheville NcM5027:408:55
36Kathy StahlyAsheville NcF6327:438:56
37Donna CopeCanton NcF5627:579:00
38Tina RiceMarshall NcF3828:189:07
39Haley MartinLeicester NcF2828:339:12
40Sherry RoaneAsheville NcF5428:339:12
41Amanda AllenBarnardsville NcF2428:479:16
42Benita AugeWeaverville NcF6628:559:19
43Mindy SmithAsheville NcF2728:559:19
44Billy MorrisseyAsheville NcM5229:319:30
45Debbie LecroyAsheville NcF5029:319:30
46Debby LewisAsheville NcF5829:369:32
47Mark WhittedLeicester NcM4629:499:36
48Tina HonerkampClyde NcF4529:589:39
49Rosie SheppardHendersonville NcF4630:079:42
50Kathrine LewisHendersonville NcF2730:099:43
51Debbie SummeyHorse Shoe NcF5730:469:55
52James RedmonAsheville NcM4330:489:55
53Lillian RedmonAsheville NcF1130:489:55
54Carolyn SnipesAsheville NcF4330:509:56
55Lois HancockArden NcF5131:2510:07
56Kathy HughesFairview NcF5331:3110:09
57Roger GosnellAsheville NcM6231:3610:11
58Morgan GreggGreer ScF2331:5410:16
59Tom LawsGreer ScM5032:0210:19
60Travis JonesAsheville NcM3032:2410:26
61Jennifer JonesAsheville NcF3132:2610:27
62Joshua KiserSwannanoa NcM3732:3010:28
63Kim WilliamsAsheville NcF5232:3010:28
64Michael CopeCanton NcM5632:5110:35
65Lisa RobertsBarnardsville NcF3933:0010:38
66Annie MottArden NcF3333:0910:40
67Zeff ChildressAsheville NcM3233:1310:42
68Suzanne GibbsHendersonville NcF4533:2010:44
69Lucy HillmanFletcher NcF2533:3010:47
70Heather GreggHendersonville NcF2733:3210:48
71Carey HarterFletcher NcF3433:4810:53
72Judy DavidsonSwannanoa NcF5733:5010:54
73Donald CovertChattanooga TnM6334:4111:10
74Katherine MuseCrestview FlF3834:5611:15
75Carol FoxCanton NcF4535:2111:23
76Tracy HowellFletcher NcF4435:2111:23
77Jeffrey EatonArden NcM4436:1711:41
78Erika KoflerAsheville NcF3536:3711:47
79Erica MuseNcF3636:3811:48
80Carol CovertChattanooga TnF6436:4811:51
81Christi DiltsAsheville NcF3536:5611:54
82Melinda JohnsonGreer ScF5337:1311:59
83Liz KimzeyLeicester NcF5038:3612:26
84Iveth RankineArden NcF4139:3012:43
85Martha MarshallAsheville NcF6939:4112:47
86Lynn RappAsheville NcF4843:5414:08
87Gail StonemanWeaverville NcF6649:1515:51
88Terri HoldenNewport News VaF5049:3315:57
89Sarah LaliberteCandler NcF31